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Bit of light reading
Haha, no way!  41yo and back under Ma's roof.  I've been living on my own for a very long time now and I have to admit the idea smarts!  Luckily though my Ma is a sweetheart and we get on very very well.
  Having said that I was pleased she was heading to Europe for 3 months in a handful of days.  I think it was 10 days that I was there before she left for the airport.
  She is not due to return until  the week following my leaving for my deployment so when we said our goodbyes we knew we weren't going to see each other until Christmas.  That's quite a long time for us as we see each other every few weeks as a rule.

But there were still things I had to do to prepare for my deployment to Timor Leste.  I had assessments in my usual towns around the North Island but now that I was back in Tok my travel time was longer and my planning hadn't accounted for that.
Sorting my kit
  The pressure was still intense even though I now had tenants settled into my place in Te Puke.

One of the things I had to complete was my last round of innoculations.  I went from Kawerau to Tauranga one Friday afternoon and was told that they now wanted another vial of my blood to satisfy themselves on my Dengue Fever status.  So far I'd had two tests done and I had one each way.  I guess third time is the charm!
  I waited two weeks for the result and have now been advised that, yes, I have Dengue Fever.  I'm not even thinking about what that means as far as my going into mission.  I had, in the back of my mind, a niggle that it was going to be positive -too many trips to tropical countries and a bout of fever, like I'd never had before,  after one of them -that must have been the Dengue.

But life goes on and I'm not dwelling on the negative.  I AM going to TL in June!  If the Department thinks otherwise then they can send me a report before I'll believe I'm not going.
  In the meantime I have work to do, and thankfully I now have two glorious weeks off from duty and can finally catch my breath.  It seems I've been running flat out since I returned to work at the end of January.

Today I completed my Physical Competency Test.  It was the one certificate that was worrying me as I spend 40 hours a week sitting on my butt in a car and have become very unfit over the 4 1/2 years of having this job.  Of course the damage to my ankle over Christmas was another concern but heading to Rotorua to complete the obstical course this morning saw me in a positive mood.
  I had 2mins 50secs to complete it and nailed it in 2:23.  That's that out of the way for another two years!

The next two weeks off is filled with studying the reading material given to me at the pre-deployment course, continuing to learn the Tetum language, and going through the gear I will have to pack for the 6 months I'm away.

Upon my return to work I have several other certifications that I must complete before I go; First Aid, Defensive Tactics, and Arms Training being the main 3.

goezi says:
That's right. During the last few months of the wet season we've had two of our staff contract Dengue. One of them decided to go home early as he was not prepared to risk the dangers of another bout. I've been bitten countless times in the year I've been here -very lucky I didn't contract it again but I won't let the risks stop me traveling.
Posted on: May 05, 2010
hoofinnit says:
Well done on the physical test! I hope your ankle is well healed now. I have heard Dengue Fever is really awful and symptoms cam last a couple of weeks.
Posted on: May 04, 2010
fionaryann says:
oh i see.. take care! :D
Posted on: Apr 07, 2009
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Bit of light reading
Bit of light reading
Sorting my kit
Sorting my kit
photo by: goezi