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Darwin airport entry

The flight to Darwin is about an hour and then there's the 30min time change so I had a whole day to explore Darwin as my flight to Sydney was not due to go until 1am tonight.  I guess it was good that the Timor flight was delayed otherwise I'd have another couple of hours to kill and no movie activity to keep me amused.


As I was changing some cash in the arrivals hall I saw my UN boss wandering about.  He's been on leave himself so I had a quick chat with him and thought about how many of the travellers coming and going through this airport must be UN staff.

  I then took a deep breath and headed out into the sunshine.


Timor is hot.  Darwin is no different.

  I had a daypack stuffed with two weeks of clothes.  No problem for me as I live by this travel wisdom..

 Pack the clothes you need.  Halve it, then halve it again.

The lack of space would also prevent me from buying any trappings I don't really need as I'm a bit of a buyer as I travel.  The small bag is good for both reasons then.


I had reviewed the map I had picked up from the airport information stand.  It showed a couple of parks nearby and I decided a walk around the block would keep me entertained until dinnertime when I would have to go searching for a place to dine.  The block was about 10kms so still shorter than the walk into Darwin city proper which is about 13kms or a AU$12 shuttle fare.


About 20 mins into my walk a shower came through.  It was one of those tropical downpours that last for about 8 minutes and dump droplets of water the size of your head, soaking you through in seconds.

  Forthunately I found a very strategically placed tree to shelter beneath and managed to stay quite dry.

Looks good but Box Jellyfish rule Darwin beaches
  I was also very aware of the army of ants swarming up and down the trunk of the tree.  These things were eyeing me greedily and since they were sizable enough to bite off my lower leg I kept hopping about so they couldn't climb my ankles.


When the rain passed I continued through the park and on around the Darwin coast.  It was hot.  I wasn't wet from the rain but persiration had dampened my shirt none the less.  I had to stop after a couple of hours and sit in the sea breeze in an attempt to cool.  It was good to get the bag off my back although once again I had to keep an eye out for leg eating monster ants.


By the time I had done the circuit as planned my feet were killing me and I had to sit.  I stopped at a bus stop and caught the next bus into the mall.  The airconditioning in the bus was nice but the mall was a godsend.  I felt out of place as I wandered among the shoppers.  Hot and sweaty is not the kind of look I like to wear in town.


It was 6pm now.  I had managed to kill 7 hours but had 5 to go before I had to be back at the airport.  I had decided to go to the flics but there were great ones showing.  I settled on "New Moon" from the Twilight series which I saw after enjoying some food in the mall foodhall.


When I came out it was dark and just after 9pm.  I was cool and refreshed -ready to face the walk back to the airport (about 3-4km) and of course once there I'd go through all the boarding process and have only an hour or two to sit in the airport lounge.

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Darwin airport entry
Darwin airport entry
Darwin airport art
Darwin airport art
Looks good but Box Jellyfish rule …
Looks good but Box Jellyfish rule…
Skeleton of a shopping trolley.  P…
Skeleton of a shopping trolley. …
photo by: Sunflower300