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I *love* this sunny weather! Seriously, I'm just taking advantage of it as much as I can (which is probably a good thing....hopefully I will be sun kissed by the time I go back up to Durham and will no longer look like a ghost stalking the halls of my residence). I'm also taking advantage of all the parks here! Green space in Durham is *severely* lacking and it's so wonderful to be able to enjoy it here. Usually I'm not a huge park person, but that's probably because I've always had a back yard or 'the Mall' at the U of M or the cabin to enjoy...not having anywhere to go when I want to be outside has been tragic--so I really appreciate the opportunity now. Today I slept in (yay!) which was also good, as it meant I didn't have to wait in line for the showers [win-win as far as I'm concerned.
..]. Then I headed to Tottenham Court Road tube station...for some reason I thought the British Library was right next to the British Museum....which it is not, but it *is* close by. Anyway, I stopped at Starbucks and got a frapapuccino (yum) and read my book outside for awhile. Then I headed in the direction of the Museum, realized the library was a few blocks north and decided to take the long way around (decided on purpose...) and on the way I found this tiny little park which was adorable and sunny, so I lay down in the grass and had another read of my novel. It was sooooo nice being able to lay in the sun...I hope I didn't get burnt, but even if I did I really don't care, at least I'll have some color! haha. Anyway, so the library was closed (as I thought it would be, as it was Sunday) but the information was open, and I talked to the man about the books I needed to see.
Come to find out that all but two of them are actually being kept at the Yorkshire site (which incidentally is good for me, since It's closer to Durham and I can't read all 7 of the books in the next two days). Anyway, so I'll probably go in tomorrow for the other two books. He said it will take 70 min to retrieve them for me, so I'll have to find something to occupy myself with in the mean time. I also hope that the books prove to be useful....sometimes searches can be decieving and you come to find the book you were so excited about is only marginally helpful....if that! Anyway, after that I headed over to St. Paul's, went to a cafe...walked along the river...gosh, I somewhat forgot about where the day went! Oh I got some sandals....and then went to King Lear. It was a very good show, I really enjoyed the open air theatre and the actor who played Lear was amazing. I hope to go to a show there again sometime. Anyway, now I'm back at the hostel...not sure what I'll do tomorrow...but I do know one thing. It will involve Josh Groban *faint*
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