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Click Here to see photos of the city Durham, where I'll be living in only 25 days!! BBC does a graet job at capturing these shots. The town is quaint but beautiful it seems (and that's always what I hear about it...nothing negative so far!).

Click Here to see photos from Uni...they are 360 views so you can play around with them a bit. You even get to see the inside of one of the rooms. Mine is going to be totally pimped out...I can't wait to share photos! but until then, I'll have to satiate myself with these.

I'm getting so excited! I've already gotten all my shots and my prescriptions and my eye care is taken care of. Since I'm studying for over 6 months I get free health care through NHS so no worries about insurance. I've gotten some electrical one to charge my phone...SIM cards...copies of all my important documents...I even applied to a bank in the UK...but I haven't heard back from them yet, that one is going to be tricky.

I'm all packed already aside from a few last minute things...thank goodness I have so many clothes...I can actually live for a month without having to tap into my favorites, because they're all tucked away. I had to do it early to make sure I fit the weight requirements AND had only the things I really love.

Going from the dollar to the pound is going to hurt though...I really hope I get a great job...or any job...while I'm there, because I'm counting on it to save up for my backpacking trip at the end of the program. I have enough to make it living normally through the year, but the trips I've got to save for because the exchange rate is outrageous! Go out and spend money everyone...invest in the dollar...make it stronger for me! :-) I think that's all for now...cheers!
CrazyLisa says:
Yay how exciting!! This should be a great opportunity for you!
Posted on: Aug 31, 2007
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