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Arrggghhhh… This morning began with Lori pissing me off!  I’d packed up to go the previous night, but woke to the sounds of packing at 6:15am >.<  I got up and thumped her, and with her now unconscious, I slept until the 8am bus pick up time.  At least that’s what happened in my semi-conscious head as I made an attempt to snooze/daydream.  In all fairness, she did he best to be as quiet as possible, and she’d certainly tolerated frustrating moments where I’d been at fault (several times) in the past. 


This day was about to enter a second frustration when our passports were taken off us on boarding the bus.  This turned out to be not optional and we were forced to pay an additional $5 for the privilege of them filling out a simple form for us.  I don’t think I would have minded at all if it was included on the initial price, but I couldn’t work out if it was the company policy, or the more immediate bus staff pulling a scam.  A lot of people argued about this, and my feeling is, it was a scam, but in realistic terms what can you do?  I chose not to time waste, pay up and get through immigration with a fraction less fuss.  I didn’t thank them for this, but there wasn’t much a knowing stare can do when they’ve got there way.  Any feelings of guilt I’m sure are quickly dispelled when they are enjoying that extra income. 


The bus ride took a total of six hours, and it didn’t take us long to find a decent hotel.  Actually that’s a lie.  After being totally surrounded (actually channelled to walk through) a cluster of tuk tuk drivers.  We felt very claustrophobic and the price offered seemed a little unfair, so despite the heat, we walked to the hotel we’d chosen using Lori’s map reading skill, and the Lonely Planet.  It stank (not Lori, Phnom Penh) like a sewer everywhere.


The next part of the frustrating day came when we got to the hotel.  Now I don’t often complain or write reviews about places I’ve stayed.  I think on the whole I chose places that are what you expect for the price.  They aren’t difficult to find, and offer low/no advantage over other similar priced ones close by, so often I feel a review is unnecessary; this is NOT one of those times!  I’ve never written a negative review before, but this will be a first!  It’s also going to be my first review I send to Lonely Planet as a request to correct their published bs.  It was horrible here and one of the lowest points of the whole trip.  I had a better time being bed-bound and ill with sunstroke.


After the shite the hotel served up and called it a meal, I remained very hungry and so we went in search of somewhere of better quality by the Tonle Sap lake.  We eat and felt a bit better, but in absolutely no rush to get back to the hotel, went in search of a few bars and some night scene.  There wasn’t much, but stayed out for a little while for a few drinks before battling for bed space with the ant army.

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