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We had a busy itinerary involving cycling, trekking, kayaking, and visiting Monkey Island and Cat Ba Island.  It would be an energy sapping day. 


The junk docked on Cat Ba Island and we all had to select a cycle each.  Choosing a semi-functional bike proved quite an arduous task and so much swapping took place.  I grab one that seemed to have some kind of functioning brake, to as to save the soles of my feet, and that did me fine.  I’m not sure how good a decision this actually was as uphill, the severe lack of any thrust made it a huge metabolic expense, and it felt like the chain would drop off at any given moment.  Insecurity meant I had to walk uphill at times.


Overall I was in my element and loving being on a bike again.  I was constantly racing ahead, and often, to Lori’s annoyance, slowing down for her to catch, only to childishly make motorbike noises as I sped off.  Man I’m just a big kid at heart. 


We ditched the bikes in a little village and had a short refreshment break.  Some really cute puppies were there and we held and patted them quite naive that would soon be someone’s lunch!  They’re a child substitute don’t you people know?  I don’t ever want to eat dog meat (knowingly), but ignorance is bliss I guess.


After the break, we took a little trek.  It was very gentle, and we soon reached a small cave.  It was hot at this point and I was breaking a sweat!  The shade was certainly welcome for me.  On exiting the cave, the guide clearly showed his experience and proceeded down the incorrect pathway!  It was easily rectified, but was quite funny to hear the excuses; untrustingly, we made it back to the bikes.


Back on the bike, in my Lance Armstrong mode, I sped off again doing the same daft noises and playing the same daft games.  I even tried to force her off the road in a road hog/road rage stylee haha.  How does she ever forgive my stupidity?


Sulkingly, I got back on the boat, leaving my new toy behind, but it was a short ride until I had a new game.  We were to be kayaking soon enough.  We did have a little bit of time to kill before we left though, so pretty much all of us jumped into the water off the boat for a splash around.  One girl was particularly impressive and did a perfect back flip into the water.

  I was jealous of her athleticism, but I’d learnt my lessons way back in Vang Vieng!


We got to the kayaking area and man that was knackering!  It even took us a while to understand how to steer the darn thing!  You’d be forgiven in thinking we had a brain between us, but no.  We eventually paddled over to the cave passage, and arriving a good while after everyone else, we paddled nonchalantly into the lagoon.  Again, it was just a perfect place to sit back and relax and take in what was around you; for most mature people that is....  If you can imagine being in one of the most placid places in the whole world, with nothing to care about, then you’re on the right lines of this place.  Myself and Lori were not of that frame of mind and instead joking started a bidding war to see who would do what and at what price?  Mark (Ohio) had told me a story in Luang Prabang how he had really lost his rag once on a hike and just broke out into a scream, shout repeated ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!!!!’  The story was hilarious, so that was our bet.  Who would shout it and disrespectfully ruin the tranquillity?  It started off innocently enough at say 20,000 – 40,000 Dong, but then escalated to the point where I was allowed to cut three inches of her hair if she did it, or she was allowed to shave and style my chest as she saw fit!  We’re a disgrace, and obviously we both decided not to take up either option. 


Shouting at Lori to ‘Mean it’ as she paddled, we got back to the junk and it was onto Monkey Island for some time with the cute mammals, and then onto Cat Ba Island to stay the night.


We joined our fellow guest for a buffet tea and then went out to the main town for a few drinks.  Everton were playing live on TV later that night, and so the night out was cut short, but I wasn’t going to bed any time soon.  A goal each from Pienaar and Fellaini, and I slept well after sinking Sunderland away.

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