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We left Bangkok on the 7pm bus, but had passed the day by doing odds and ends.  We went to Siam Paragon and the cinema to watch Angels and Demons, which I enjoyed.  The Thai people absolutely love their King and all stand pre-film for a short video dedicated to him.  I was a pretty strange experience for me, but maybe us Brits should take a leaf out of this book and give a bit more respect to Queeny back at home.  She has insignificant popularity in comparison though. 


The next stop was MBK �" the huge shopping area and I managed to find a decent second-hand camera for the rest of the trip.  Steph managed to get hers fixed as well, so we all in better spirits. 


We caught the bus on time and watch James Bond: Diamonds are Forever, before my temazepam knocked me out for a nights sleep.




We arrived with little fuss on Koh Pha Ngan and waiting for the crowds to disipate before jumping into a tuk tuk for Haar Rin.  We got there quite late in the evening, but found a really good place to stay for pretty cheap quickly (Wayne had actually stayed there before).  I was delighted that it had a hot shower and air conditioning for a cheaper than what we (myself, Lori, and Aidan) had paid for the grotty bungalow on the last visit!


It was the pre-FMP night and we were late meeting Kinki in Siem Reap (and subsequently we hadn’t), but Wayne was completely knackered and so it wasn’t too difficult to see this might be a short night for him.  We did all go out though, and met up, finally, with Kinki.  She’s a cool chick and I’ve wrote down that’s she’s only 18, but comes across as very confident for one of such few years hahaha.  I know better now; she was a little bit older than that.  I did like Kinki though and found her very good company and easy to get along with.  Steph as well finally had a female companion to talk to and get along with after a couple of weeks with only smelly boys to hang out with (oh - and Lori ;-) ). 


Wayne and Steph flaked out pretty quickly (Ed. I think the medical term is narcolepsy; you might need to look into that mate... ), but it was a bit early for me, so I hung out with Kinki and her friends she’d met on Koh Tao - all nice girls and up for some fun.  It didn;t take me too much to get drunk and start mingling a bit and after a while I’d wandered off from the group, retuning a hour or so later, but I couldn’t find anyone.  I stayed out quite late though and carried on just chatting away to whoever, wherever, before finally calling it a night.  I was well up for the Full Moon Party the next night, and didn’t want to feel too ill for it.



How was I the first awake??  The lazy bastards hahaha.  It was such a nice day, I just couldn’t stop in bed, so I left for the beach.  It was probably a bit too late to be topping up the tan, but it was just nice to have a lie and read in the sun for a few hours. 


We’d arranged over the day to meet back up with Kinki at 8pm for some dinner and onto the party, and so that gave me and Wayne just enough time for a few pre-party beer Changs.  We were all in a good mood and ready for a party. 


We all met up for some food at a bar showing the French Open final in which Federer was attemptin to win the elusive grand slam from his impressive collection.  I like the guy and find him a true gentlemen of sport, and so I was routing for him.  It’s rare I route for a favourite, but in this case, Federer never comes across as arrogant or obnoxious, but still will go down as one of the all time greats of the sport.


After the food (we left before the end of the tennis, but found out later that Federer had actually won) we went to the supermarket and all bought a tub of different coloured paint each.  Steph showed her artistic talents and painted my customary Arteta 8 on my back, whilst I showed my autistic talents and painted the rest of me. 


Kinki had ‘Malaysia’ written her by Steph, and Steph, in turn, had ‘Chesterfied’ written on her by Wayne hahahaha.  We were all good to go, neatly covered in paint, but far less than back in April. 


Our strategy was to start at one end of the beach, by the flaming signpost ‘Full Moon Part May 2009’ and move at our own pace up the beach stopping off at bars with music we liked.  We actually made it the full length, but several buckets later, and Wayne was flaking in the Mushroom Bar.  Myself and Kinki shared a mushroom shake and went back to the beach, leaving the other two to retire.  The mushrooms seemed to give me a new lease of life and I felt incredibly wide-eyed and awake again. 


We hung out until about 5am I think, then I realised I had to be up to leave in just a few hours >.<  I left Kinki to find her friends again and made back for the room, only to be side-tracked and back into the main party.  I was just sort of milling around and then I got appraoched by someone who had recognised me from Sihanoukville.  Unfortunately I couldn’t say the same, but pretended I could so as not to hurt feelings.  We sat and watched the sunrise on the shore-line.  I thought ah man, this is a bit romantic and just thought, I better go.  I’d had enough fun for one night, and I was fully aware that there would be consequences in the morning.  I went back, showered the paint off and checked the watch.  I had to check out in less than three hours!

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