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Party time!!!  


Naj and Sarj were early rises despite their lack of sleep and went off to find a room.  When they were sorted, me, Lori, Aidan and JeAr went to join them for some brunch back at Same-Same.  I think most of us looked a little worse for wear and maybe a group convalescence whilst watching American Pie – The Wedding, was what we needed.  On ordering a second cup of tea “So British” was an announced comment from my SingapalESE friend.  It made me feel proud as I sipped away. 


After some food, we strolled down to a wet, but almost vacant beach for the day.  I wanted to splash around in the sea as it looked fun being a bit choppy.  It wasn’t long before the waves took away any dignity I had left!  Wearing my white, unflattering Everton shorts, a little too loosely, a wave combined with my dive into it revealed the first full moon of the day.  Sheepishly, I tugged the shorts back up and hoped I’d got away with it.  No such luck.  A delighted group on the beach had seen the full exposure….  If that wasn’t bad enough, the wet shorts left little to the imagination, and I learnt an important lesson on appropriate beachwear. 


Naj joined me for a while in the sea and Sarj got a little tired as the travelling had finally caught up on her.  She left to find her room, and Lori and Aidan weren’t too far behind in leaving the beach.  I and Jay decided to go see where Naj and Sarj were staying so we could all go for some food later before the meet up and party.  Now being a rather credulous man, I put faith in Naj’s directional sense and agreed to follow her hopeful short-cut….  I’ll leave that lost hour alone, but at least I did get to see a fair bit of Haad Rin.

I don't think Sarj can believe what she just saw


We did find the room and a dozing Sarj (who also admitted attempting a fruitless short-cut, moral of the story – never trust girls and directions) and we agreed to come back later and get painted up there. 


Annoyingly it started to rain again when the time came to meet up, and so we were in for another drenching.  Another power cut left us walking along a pitch black road, hopefully in the right direction.  Luckily, Lori had a torch, but the batteries quickly diminished cancelling that hope.  Thankfully the electricity did come back on in some parts of the main street, and highly satisfyingly we made it to the girls room to find they had full power.  Well, I say full power, but Sarj was in what was supposed to be a power shower, but no water was coming up.  We laughed unsympathetically at the screams that were forthcoming, but at least it was a hot shower! 


I was wearing a plain white tee-shirt so I could brighten it up with the party paints we’d bought earlier in the day.  My problem is creativity though.  I opted for simply sunshine, shades, trees and sea as my imagination doesn’t stretch any further.  As it was still lashing down with rain, there was little point messing up my body, but Najiah; Sarj; Lori; and JeAr all elegantly decorated their faces. 


We left the room and made the 10pm meet time despite another power cut, and overcrowded restaurants, leaving us without food.  Eating is cheating anyway, so we were all going to end up wasted for sure.  A few beers went down and out came the paint again.  I let Lori doodle a French-style curly moustache and goatee on me, and more reluctantly, Arteta 8 (one of my heroes) on the back of my tee-shirt.  She also wrote ‘Break me’ and an arrow pointing downwards – the bitch!  My turn, I grab a bottle and painted HW on Naj, Jay and Sarj, but I also gave Lori one as well, only to be asked ‘What does HW stand for?’  I could have thumped her haha.  My final decorations were a twelve year old-looking girl’s handprint on my belly.  I was ready.


The rain was still coming down strong, so I left the group to have a look at the beach and see if people were starting to fill it out despite the weather.

  It was looking quite good, so on return, we had another drink and got everyone ready to go.  Mike generously bought a big Chiang tower for everyone to share, so everyone went head under tap and took a share.  A kind gesture from Mike I thought.


On the beach, we were all getting nicely wasted and all of a sudden limbo became a good idea (actually it was Naj’s idea and she would suffer for that!).  I was cack, so was another TBer, Chris, so was pretty much everyone else, but Naj stepped up determinedly and had a crack.  In fairness, she was doing comfortably better than everyone else, but it did cost her a singed chin.  We all rejoined the group after that.


I don’t why, maybe to pee in the sea, but I took off my Birkenstocks and left them somewhere in a pile of shoes.  On return I was close to tears as I panicked trying to find them.  Arrggghhhh, where were they??  Up step Lori and produce the goods from right in front of me!  I knew at this point I was pissed!  I took it myself to vainly lie and constantly repeat ‘I’m so sorry, I don’t normally get this pissed’.  I think everyone saw straight through my BS, so my quotes changed to ‘You’re a good man Jay’.  Actually, that started when I was slightly off balance and attempting to pee in the sea.  No-one wanted a repeat of what happened to the poor girl just a couple of nights before, so Jay (heroically) waded in to steady me!  Seriously, I would have gone arse over tit into the drink if it wasn’t for him!  It was a bit surreal, but laughing away I was coming out with more and more rubbish ‘Jay, I’m pissing as we speak’.  Poor feller holding a drunkard steady. 


I don’t think it was much longer after that when we were all (well not quite all, Naj was in a pretty red dress and stayed on the beach with a few others) in the sea, splashing around in deeper water, out of the way of the excessive nitrates…. The FMP is an algae’s dream come true! 


It was late now, the party was thinning out and we were sooooooooo hungry.  None of us were up for the Haad Rin Nai after (sunrise) party, and so opted for finally getting a meal instead.  The food arrived pretty quickly and woke up a few of us!  10 half-eaten meals later, 10 half-asleep TBers all decided enough was enough.

najiah10 says:
just keep walking, just keep walking.
Posted on: Oct 20, 2009
matthew says:
uh huh.... where's Red bar or whatever it's called in Boracay??
Posted on: Oct 20, 2009
najiah10 says:
1) SingaPELESE? i swear i could kill you.
2) i have a pretty good sense of direction. it was my intention to show you and Jay around Haad Rin. ;) plus the lady who told me about the short-cut (read: Sarj) clearly gave me the wrong info. :P
3) I MISS OUR TRAVELS. good times!!!
4) You're a good man, Matt.
Posted on: Oct 19, 2009
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I dont think Sarj can believe wha…
I don't think Sarj can believe wh…
I doubt Ill get much thanks for t…
I doubt I'll get much thanks for …
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