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Ah man – another snorer!  I couldn’t take that again, so I did what I had to do (see ‘A True Story’ blog).  In fairness, I wouldn’t have been so selfish if it wasn’t for his utter selfishness in the first place.  He’d come into the room at whatever hour and stuck the light on, fair enough.  He got into bed, leaving the lights on and then switched on his TV, loud!  Thankfully another chap in the room switched everything off for him when the snoring started!  I did put the iPod on and a pillow over the head to drown out the noise, but even that combination didn’t work. 


Anyway, what happened is another story, but I did wake up quite refreshed and booked a bus back to Kota Kinabalu for 2pm.

  That gave me a free morning to kill some time, so I chose to do the Sandakan Heritage Trail.  It begins at the un-photogenic Jamek Mosque with its bland yellow dome and green sides.  It looked to me like something I’d expect to see in Stoke-On-Trent!


Next stop was into the MPS square where the William Pryer Monument (the founder of Sandakan) is.  You then walk up the stairs with a hundred steps and visit the Chinese WWII Memorial in respect of the May 27th, 1945 massacre, and onto the Japanese Cemetery. 


Agnes Keith’s House is next and across the road from there is the Rotary Observation Pavilion.

  You follow the road around from here until you reach the Ancient Christian Graveyard (1883) and the Old Stairs which are little more than a pile of rubble now.  From there it’s just a short walk to the Goddess of Mercy Chinese Temple.


Almost finished now, as you head on to St Michael’s and All Saints Church and Sam Sing Kung Chinese Temple before getting back onto the familiar main road, past the Malaysia Fountain, back to MPS Square and finishing at the Sandakan Heritage Museum. 


Overall, I found it a bit boring, but it was nice weather to walk in and it passed the time better than being stuck indoors faffing around on You-Tube.

A True Story

A four bedroom dorm was full.  An attractive English man was on top bunk of bed 2 and was rudely awaken by a snoring, well-fed Malay man on the bottom bunk of bed 1.  'Hmmm' thought the good-looking English man, what shall I do?  He tried a pillow over the head and an iPod playing laid back music, but neither worked; the thunderous roars penetrated both barries effortlessly.  Frustrated, the highly intellectual English man got out of bed, cluttering about in the process and waking up a senior Malay man on bottom bunk of bed 2.  Falsely apologetic, he rummaged through his bag like a racoon in the dark, scattering clothes, making a racket in the process, but he just could not find the ear plugs he was looking for.  He reluctantly went back to bed and for the time being conceded the animalistic roars from the deeply sunken bottom bunk of bed 1.

The ingenious English man then had a brain storm.  By cowering into a foetal position and slowly shifting towards bed 1, he could dangle his long legs over the side of bed 2, without waking the senior Malay man underneath on the bottom bunk, and be well within reach of bed 1!  He then reverted back to the foetal position, this time lower down the bed.

  In a single, lightning-fast motion he kicked out with both feet at top bunk of bed 1 and recoiled with a cat-like reflex, back to the foetal position on the top bunk of bed 2, where he perfectly fained sleep.  The masterplan had worked.  Both parties from bed 1 were awake and blaming each other for the rocking instant which awoke said parties.  The calm, peaceful, and passive Englishman calmed the situation by "shushing" both parties and suggesting we all just go to sleep.  Arguing simply wouldn't solve the situation, and there was of course a senior Malay to think about.  Content with this outcome, silence prevailed and the thoughtful, considerate, good Samaritan of an English man got a peaceful night's beauty sleep and so did the senior Malay man to everyone's approval.

(All characters and events are based on actual occurrences and persons from the Sabah region of Malaysian Borneo)

(Copyright of M.R.H Publishings 2009)

Vanessa_Mun_Yee says:
If you are back to Malaysia, make sure you check out the island - Sipadan, Redang, Perhentian,Tioman, Langkawi etc..Is freaking gorgeous! Not during the monsoon season which falls on the months of Nov-Feb. Those islands on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia will be cosed
Posted on: Nov 04, 2009
matthew says:
Brilliant country though - I can't wait to get back
Posted on: Nov 04, 2009
Vanessa_Mun_Yee says:
Shame on me, you have seen more Malaysian cities then me!
Posted on: Nov 04, 2009
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