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The tubing day!!!  We’d all waited for about a year for this day to materialise, but now it was here.  We’d agreed to meet at 12pm by the tube rental and all go up together.  Everyone was set and we got the tuk tuk to take us to the starting bar.  Before even going in, I saw a rope swing.  Ok, it was pretty high up, but I fancied it as an introduction to the river.  Colin and Ivan wanted to kick start in that way as well, so we went for it!  At the top, as the guy was pulling in the swing, I stupidly looked down.  Fook!  It’s high.  I couldn’t bottle it now either.  Colin and Ivan made up the queue behind me and everyone else was at the bar eagerly watching me.  Now, I’m not one to back down, so being all macho, I clutched the swing and zipped along.  I had no idea of the depth of the water and I could see lots of rocks close by, I just didn’t know when or where to let go, so I closed me eyes, vainly attempted some kind of flip, and fell off.  I don’t know if anyone grew up with WWF wrestling, but back in the day, Superfly just to do a big jump off incredible heights to land on his victim.  Well, with know victim in sight, my face first, belly flop caused no shortage of pain.  Gratefully I got out with my life, though a little bit bruised physically and mentally.  A few beers later, I was ready to redeem myself.  The same mistake later, and I gave up, admitting the swing had got the better of me.  I quite literally couldn’t breathe properly for a long while after that, so I stuck to the Beer Laos instead.  The doctor said my injuries were mainly emotional....


We all drank a fair bit at that first bar, and when another traveller produced a marker pain, it was only a matter of time before a few of us were painted in obscenities. 


Time to float off to the next bar.  This was good fun.  Twenty-odd Horny Weirdos from a few different corners of the world floating down a river getting drunk in the afternoon, when does that happen?  Thanks to TB, it happens now! 


The bars dotted along the river have Laos guys with bottles attached to ropes, so they can throw you a line and pull you in.  As they do this, they stack up your tube for you and plough you with free Laos Laos whiskey.  You’ve got almost no chance of staying sober.

  One bar we chose to go in was completely deserted.  It had a mud pool there where you can participate in a tug of war, wrestling or whatever.  Once we had filled the place up, it became one of the places to go and loads of randoms joined us.  We all had a bit of a play and got filthy before re-entering the river for another trip further downstream. 


We came across a bar with a few bits going on and I was a bit worse for wear by this point.  I was with Liat, then all of a sudden it was like everyone had vanished.  I was like ‘what the?’, anyway it was getting on and Liat said the tubes need to be back by 6pm or you lose your deposit.  I just assumed everyone had gone on further to the next bar, so we went to find them.  No-one was there, so one last drink and got out and caught a tuk tuk back to Vang Vieng.  I got my deposit back and staggered back to the hotel expecting to see Lori and the others there.  They weren’t.  I was so confused, but grateful for a lie down.  Rudely awoken by the re-arrival of the guys, I somehow realised it was still the evening of the same day and we were all getting ready to go out again.  A sensible option would have been to stop in bed and sleep it off, but you know how adrenalin and overexcitement work?  I was up and ready in a flash. 


It’s no good asking me much more than this.  I can’t even remember which bars I disgusted with my presence, but do remember a few other things.  I can remember my air guitar; I can remember the marker pen and drawing on everyone; and I remember a Colin, a Marc, an Ivan, and a JeAr all helping to prop me up over the bridge; and I remember a Lori running away from my threats of being peed on.  I can also remember getting back to the hotel (via the lollipop walk (off Stand by Me) / Lori pop walk) and going to next door, before being corrected and falling over into out porch.  Put into an open door with a whole double bed and not a lot else to aim at, I missed and fell into the wall.  It’s possibly the most drunk I’ve ever been, and I don’t really blame Lori for staying with Colin and Ivan and avoiding getting peed on.  I need to rethink my life. 

hannah-lou says:
Ahahahaha, hilarious! Im going next yr - cant wait!
Posted on: Oct 26, 2009
livelovelaugh87 says:
aahhhh sounds like so much fun! i can't wait to go!
Posted on: Oct 20, 2009
siamsilk says:
already bookmarked.
Posted on: Oct 19, 2009
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Vang Vieng
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