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In need of some exercise or brutal drinking (to put me back in touch with my masculine side), I got up for the pick up assertively with ease.  The pick up was on time and we got to the boat without fuss. 


The trip started with and sail over to the immediately surrounding islands closest to Nha Trang.  The first stop was at Mun Island for some swimming and snorkelling, but this was pretty disappointing really as visibility was poor and there wasn’t a great deal to see anyway.  The island itself appeared rocky and devoid of a decent beach, and the high saline content of the sea prickled the skin.  Maybe I’m being a bitch with all this; that would be in keeping with my new found side!


The next stops were Sun and Son Islands respectively.  I jumped in and dived off the boat and swam around a bit.  This was actually quite good fun free-styling, but the so-called ‘ornamental’ fish remained elusive.  I gave up on the snorkelling.


Back onboard the boat, Wayne and Lori had both started on the beers, and I was understanding the frame of mind.  I joined them.  It was time for lunch on the boat and I wasn’t going to be drinking on an empty stomach after all. 


Lunch consisted mainly of noodles and vegetables, but there was some fish in there as well.  I’m a total carnivore and so a meal devoid of meat is frustrating for me.  This time though, it wasn’t too bad at all.  After lunch we continued onto Mieu Island, but before the boat got that far, it stopped in the middle of the sea, seemingly inexplicable to me as my head was stuck inside a book.  With Wayne and Lori screaming at me to get in the water, my aging hearing finally acknowledged their cries and I glanced over to see what the fuss was about.  Mate!  Free bar!  Get in here; get on it!’  With little more needed to be said, I dove in and swam towards the floating bar.  Free shots for everyone!!!  Straight down the neck with the bottle as well!  Wayne had drank a good share by the time I got there, Lori too, but there was plenty of pre-filled bottles to hand out several shots to whoever wanted one, whenever they wanted one.  I got a few people’s fair share of the strong, slightly flavoured vodka drink, and I think it’s fair to say, all three of us were pretty well stewed by the time we reached Mieu Island. 


Mieu Island was quite a nice, but thin stretch of beach, but annoyingly there was a tourist charge of 20,000 VND to go onto it!  The justification is this is a clean up charge, but if that’s the case, surely it should be applicable to everyone, rather than just the Western World?  Personally, I put that minor grudge aside, and was quite pleased to hear Wayne had avoided the charge, unintentionally, by diving in off the boat and swimming to the island! 


On the island you can do as you wish for an hour or so.  There are paragliding facilities and other water sports, but we chose just to have a swim and snorkel in the prettier waters.  A little sunbathe as well, and it was soon time to get back onboard the boat. 


Did I mention the surreal karaoke?  Hmmm, must have missed that part out…  Akin brief – we were the only white people on the boat and when the time for karaoke came around, we were the only ones absolutely not up for it!  Everyone knows how big it is in Asia, but for us…. nah, not our thing.  I did join in with the relatively tone deaf screeches of Yellow Submarine which was supposed to be the song the Brits sing, Lori did part of a Canadian song (unfortunately not Bryan Adams or Celine Dion – we all would have loved to have seen/heard that!), and then it was onto the rest of the boat happily singing Chinese and Vietnamese songs.  Granted we didn’t know the words, but you could tell they were shamelessly having a good time, and not in the slightest concerned at their lack of ability to hit any key.  I wish I didn’t care as much, but in Europe we have this thing called ‘pretence’ and the embarrassment factor can be quite costly to a reputation…. we’re lame.  All in, that whole this was pretty surreal for us, but for the boat in general, it was probably a highlight.


We didn’t bother with the aquarium last stop (let’s be honest, it wouldn’t compare to the ones I’ve been to in California and Chicago, or several other places), and got back to the hotel for 3:30pm.  As we were pretty well inebriated by this point, there seemed little point stopping, and so went out asap and carried on the session, milking the happy hours as per usual.  A few buckets; shots; turps later, we were in the Sailing Club again for the beach party.  I got a bit uncharacteristically emotional and told Lori she was now like a little sister to me after she helped me put my flip flops back on (I had limited ability).  I returned the favour by offering a group of adjacent guys Lori for the evening ‘Blow jobs for everyone’ – I’m a horrible person when drunk (this was my obscene attempt at humour when she was down putting the flip flops back on).  She did her usual and easily laughed it off.  It wasn’t long after that I vanished for a while with a girl I met there, but when I looked up from the bar and said I better find my friends, I couldn’t see them >.<  Luckily I realised enough was enough and I better knock it on the head for the evening and so I attempted to leave.  Now the Sailing Club was just one road away from our hotel and around just the one corner, but somehow I got disorientated and completely lost.  Wandering through a residential area I though oh shit!  Luckily I had nothing of any value on me at this point, and so fearless of getting mugged I spoke to some locals and one of them gave me a lift back on his moped (expecting money of course), I gave him all the pittance I had and staggered into the hotel.  On visiting the room I found the door to be locked, and no-one would answer my knocking.  I assumed the both of them had passed out and so trundled down to the reception.  I woke the key holder by jumping in close proximity (for some reason this made sense at the time) and he angrily took me to the room and let me in (I did apologise profusely on realisation that he was rightly pissed off).  Wayne and Lori were no-where to be seen!  I’d become a liability and a lightweight in one foul swoop. 

Machadaynu says:
You made Island hopping sound like a good laugh. Your blog has helped me see Vietnam in a new light.
Posted on: Jul 17, 2012
wangwei says:
Posted on: Jul 09, 2010
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