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Well, after a good sleep in, I hung around with some of the hostel guests and I had a choice.  I could have hung around and got wasted, or I could go out again, see a bit more of Singapore, and stay sober.  I chose the latter and headed off in the direction of the Singapore National Museum today and be in a good state to meet up with the guys later on. 


In all truth, I didn’t get any further than the entrance.  I just didn’t fancy another day stacked with information.  Nah, Instead I went to the MRT station and on into the shopping mall for a few hours. 


From there the War Memorial is just around the corner and that has an adjacent entrance to the underground city (I call it that because it’s unbelievable how much that this nation has managed to fit underground!  I went for a walk through the passages and onto the Fountain of Wealth in Suntec City.  I found it pretty hard navigating myself around (a) because I’m a total spaffer with no sense of direction; and (b) because I am never designed to be underground, but I did eventually find it.  At first sight it looks deceivingly small, but you quickly realise the fountain is in the centre of a larger drainage basin which catches the water when it is propelled with a more powerful thrust. 


You can actually walk up to the main centre piece and dangle a hand in.  You are suppose to walk around three times in a clockwise direction, maintaining contact with the water, and bish, bash, bosh, your wish is granted.  Following this I went to the higher elevation to view the fountain from above.  On testing my new superpowers, I found them still to be non-exist and I couldn’t quite fathom what I’d done wrong.  A little bit dejectedly, I walked around the upper perimeter of the fountain reading the characteristics of the animals associated with each of the Chinese New Years.  I quickly found mine and was again disappointed not to be something more powerful and commanding like a Lion or Dragon, but at least I wasn’t a Snake like my brother.  No, my characteristics are: Gentle, kind, attractive, passive and sincere, artistic, emotional, pure and generous, and, strangely, fortunate with heredity property.  Well given that there literally isn’t a penny in my family, the fact I actively encourage my parents and family to spend and enjoy their own money, I’m selfish and often false, I had my doubts about this too (I was still a bit bitter about not having superpowers). 


I went back to Little India for a quick look around the pretty Sultan Mosque and Istana Kampong Glam (the Malay Heritage Centre), and then onto the hostel for a quick wash and change before meeting up with everyone.


Najiah had pretty much forewarned me she was pretty busy with work and still had to pack (we were leaving the next day for the Philippines – and we had to be at the airport for 5:30am), so I didn’t expect her to make it.  I got down to Clarke Quay to meet up with Mark, Matt, and Khriz.  Apu also swung by to say hello to everyone, but he had a house party to get to.  We had a few drinks at a couple of bars, and were joined by some more TB friends, until it got to about 12 ish.  I was yawning like crazy, so thought I better be sensible and go back for at least a few hours sleep.

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