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I took a hot and incredibly sweaty walk to the Ho Chi Minh Museum, and found I really enjoyed this museum as well; I was once again a geek.  I would again argue that it was full of propaganda, but I was interested to learn the Ho Chi Minh rags to fame story. 


I know I question the ethics sometimes, but it was here I got a bit thoughtful and compared the Vietnamese stories to those of the allies.  When I ever seen a war film where the allies were the bad guy (and from the Nazi point of view they were)?  (I can only think of one: Das Boot – 1981)  If the Nazis had actually won the war (which at one stage was looking highly likely), would the museums tell stories of allied heroics?  No chance!  It would be all about Nazi brilliance and conquest and Hitler’s leadership from ‘His Struggling’ past.  I decided I couldn’t really blame the biased as even our (UK) museums are very biased towards allied heroics and very little against them, despite several post-war stories emerging about the horrors which they actively participated in.  I chose to stop judging and just be content to learn instead.


Ho Chi Minh grew up in what must have been a life of poverty, and obviously hated the French occupation.  He chose to travel around the world and acquire knowledge from the different countries in how he could help Vietnam into what he perceived as a new and better future; and most importantly, how Vietnam could unify as an independent nation.


Vietnam has the right to enjoy freedom and independence and has really become the free and independent nation.


He was hugely inspired by Lenin and did achieve the liberation of Vietnam from the French, but lost many political comrades in the struggle.  Sadly he died on 2nd September 1969, just six years before Vietnam unified realising his dream.  He’s obviously achieved more than enough in this time to establish himself in the elite of leaders and this will undoubtedly immortalise him in history.


We could manage much more for the day given the heat, and given the fat that we had an early start to contemplate, we chose to have an easy last few hours in Vietnam and gear up for Cambodia.

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