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It was actually 5:30am when I had left the club.  Arrggghhhh!!!!!  I got a text of Najiah laughing at my efforts to text that night, but luckily for her the phone had be switched off.  My sent items said 5:30am, though I had no recollection of this whatsoever.


I was supposed to be flying later that day to Kota Kinabalu, but when I did wake, I checked my watch.  It said 5:10pm??  I was confused.  Nah, it couldn’t be that time, so I reached for the phone only to find the battery had died.  That was strange seen as it had been fully charged the previous night?? 



Oh Shit!’  Reality kicked in.  The battery had run out as the alarm had been ringing all day long under my pillow as I dismissively slept soundly through it!  It was 5:10pm!  I managed to get some charge into the phone and switched it on to find an abundance of text messages from JeAr, Bobby, and Sarj.  Oh no!  JeAr had reserved me a seat on the bus bound for the airport, I’d long missed it and now stood zero chance of making the flight.  This meant I would be overstaying the visa as well >.<


I immediately booked onto a flight for the next day and went out to get some food.  It was already dark!  I found a British bar with a red light entrance door and thought that would do (I was craving some fish and chips).  I sat down at the bar and ordered some food.  They didn’t direct me to a table and the bar was pretty dimly lit.  All of a sudden I realised why it had a red light entrance!  Ahhhh maaaaan!


It’s a very strange experience getting your neck; shoulders; even your legs kissed and a shoulders massaged whilst you eat!  Maria, 29, and April, 25 were my hostesses and they thought I was 25.  I corrected them, but they did not believe my years; I’m also not sure they believed my lies about being engaged and my fiancée was in the hotel waiting for.  They didn’t pester me for money though and I wasn’t total convinced they were prostitutes after all.  Either way, I said thank you for my food, paid rather generously, and promptly left.  The area was largely known for that kind of thing, and I really should have known a bit better than that.


I fully charged my phone and set the alarm for a decent hour so I would not be missing the plane this time!

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