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The alcoholic anaesthetic had worn off and I could feel every bruise and bump all over me, but I woke up amazingly hangover-free.  Half-an-hour later and the hang-over kicked in, writing off the day for me.


Everyone seemed to pile in our room, probably due to my inability to budge from the bed, so all watch movie after movie on HBO – that was a life-saver!  300 was on first, then some rubbish Halle Berry film (she looked good though!), and then Barnyard made for some easy viewing.


Eventually we are crawled out of hang-over mire and went to meet everyone at Sukura bar.  By the time we got there, everyone was back on it.  Unbelievable!!!  I had a few, but was definitely taking it easy this night.  Lori seemed to be doing ok though...


We all went on to JD’s bar and I was absolutely made up to see a Laos lad wearing an Everton shirt.  Honestly, such little things really did make my day. 


JD pulled out his beer bong and no-way was I going to have an effort at it.  Lori, without hesitation stepped up and knecked it!  It was class.  Then I held the bong for JD to have a go, and oh my god, I have never seen beer go down so fast in my entire life!  That’s experience for you.  He’s a good chap and just up for a good time.  He made us all feel welcome to join in with the beer bongs.  None of us took up the challenge though.... except Loir that is.... again!  Where she got the stomach for it, I’ll never know.  I do believe she disappeared for a while though after that and I had to wait for her whilst the group moved on.


We hit the riverside bars again and I was fine drinking by this stage.  I tucked away some buckets, but stayed in a reasonable state for a change.  This was totally in contrast to Lori!  She had the beer shot challenge lined up and knecked all twenty five shots.  She was hilarious and just totally up for getting wasted.  So was Marc come to think of it.  He’d had a few issues with losing a passport, which thankfully got resolved, but this left him really up for a big night out.  Those two were utterly smashed!  Needless to say, I can’t judge.


I promised Lori I’d look out for her, but that was so short lived as I did stay her, just don’t drift too far from the group and you’ll be fine.  That lasted about three, maybe four, seconds and everyone was one looking around for her.  Where’s Lori??  Ah shit.  The man hunt started and it took us ages to find her, but we eventually did and the drinking/partying continued.  I’ll keep reasonably schtum at this point, but was becoming a strange night indeed. 


It was a crying shame when this night came to its conclusion.  That would be it for a while, I’m not if we’ll ever get so many people together on one mass travel ever again, but my god it was worth every second of the banter, energy, and effort put it.  It was simply the best.  So many hugs and goodbyes to deal out in one go as some people go their separate ways, others continue on this journey.

  That just left myself, Lori, Jay, Steph, Liat and Wayne in Vang Vieng.  We agreed to meet up the next day at 12pm and have another go at the tubing.

lovely_lori88 says:
fml i remember THAT hang the way some very uncool photos ive not seen of me before haha
Posted on: Oct 20, 2009
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Vang Vieng
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