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I didn’t really feel up to top form when I woke, nor did Lori, not surprisingly, but we all turned up at the restaurant; all except Wayne that is, who chose to lie in and catch up with sleep.  We sat watching repeats of Friends and snacking on sandwiches, before myself and Lori decided we’re going to get up and go for it.  Jay and Steph didn’t really feel up to it and stayed in the restaurant. 


Once again squashed in a tuk tuk, uphill to the start bar, I took one look at THAT rope swing, a glance down at my bruised ribs, and thought ‘No way’.  Instead we decided to avoid that bar completely and just get straight into the river.  We were surrounded by a load of playful kids splashing around in the water.  They grabbed the tubes and we let them play away. 


Once we’d been allowed our tubes back, we drifted down the river to the second bar.  We shared a beer and had a free shot.  I did not taste good this time, so we just took it slow and hung around a while. It didn’t take long until I heard a girl shout ‘Matt’ and start making her way towards me.  It was Charleigh!  A Tber quite a lot of the group had met a while ago back in London.  She was supposed to come to the meet ups here in Vang Vieng and at the earlier FMP, but never made.  Ah well, better late than never.  She’d been having a good time travelling with friends she’d flown out with and liked the tubing.  We agreed to meet up later on, but I guessed she was already being to look the worse for wear – let’s be honest, we’d all been there with all those bars to chose from and free shots! 


I and Lori jumped backed into the tube, this time bypassing the mud bar, but jumped out at quite a lively bar.  It was brilliant atmosphere and I was being given all these various shots.  They all had there own gimmick, one contained all these bugs; one contain a snake; one contains chillies and gave you mouth a lighter déjà vu experience!  The only one I turned down was the centipede.  I didn’t really fancy that after bugs and snake.


It was a shame to leave the friendliness of that bar, but we really wanted to make an effort at finishing the route.  We floated down further and found the bar with the huge slide everyone had been talking about.  It looking brilliant fun, but without being drunk, and still with reminder tinges of rib pain, I chose not to attempt it.  One girl did have a go, but I don’t know how she didn’t complete it.  She must have completely bottled it and slowed herself to a halt on the edge.  It took her quite a while to get over the fear and finally take the plunge.  In fairness she had little choice, but it was amusing.


We stopped off at a couple more bars and we decided to share some secrets which amused us both (Lori – this bit was only written for you to reminisce (I have doubts people actually read blogs), no other reason!  SECRETS DUDE!!!).  We made the last bar on the main river as well and from there you have a choice: either get out and take a tuk tuk, or float for a long while in the shallow river until you reach the cluster of bars back in Vang Vieng (Smile; JD; Rock; Bucket, to name but a few).  We chose to carry on floating as it was still light, we had a bit of time, and we quite fancied making it all the way if possible.  I felt very relaxed and really enjoyed taking the river easy instead of getting utterly wasted.  Maybe if I do tubing again, I’d do the same; one night heavy, one day off, one day easy.  It wasn’t a bad combination all in. 


The water did get a bit too shallow and there were times where we had to get out and walk short distances.  Progress was pretty slow, so that was that; we got out and took a tuk tuk the remaining distance. 


After a wash up and some food, we went back to meet Wayne and company.  We said we’d quickly nip off to the Bucket Bar, fetch Charleigh and come back.  On the way we bumped into Liat.  I didn’t actually realise she was still in Vang Vieng until now.  I told her where everyone was and if she wanted to join she was welcome.  She did, and we all ended up in Sakura for a few drinks to finish off our Vang Vieng experience.  We didn’t actually find Charleigh.  My best guess says she succumbed to the alcohol as we all had done on previous days.

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Vang Vieng
photo by: razorriome