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The bus arrived in Nha Trang for the scheduled 6am and I didn’t feel too bad.  We booked into the first hotel we were dropped at, and for just $3 each, we had a hot private shower, a decent room, and cable TV (HBO).  The only problem was that it turned out to be about 2km away from the main tourist hub, but it would be fine for a night.


Via a long Najiahesque detour, we made it to the beach and spent a nice hot day there.  We did drag ourselves off for a few drinks and a hotel search after a sun burning while later, and bumped into Meghan and Daniela and said we’d meet up later on. 


Strolling back to the hotel wasn’t too bad, but we all agreed it would be awful doing that drunk and so we’d made the right decision in finding a hotel for tomorrow.  It was just tonight we had to be a bit careful. 


Careful??  That was never going to happen, especially when Wayne pulled out his Laos Tiger Whiskey (that cost about 60p per bottle!!!).  We made our way to the Sailing Club as it seemed to be the place with the best reputation.  Luckily for Lori and the Americans, it was ladies night and so they could have free drinks!  In truth, this meant dear Lori was a go between for all three of us hahaha.  Talk about taking advantage!


After a lot of drinks, we all moved on to bar Why Not until Wayne did his passing out trick hahaha.  Lori had already left by this stage, and it’s not often that I’m the only one relatively sober amongst the group, so after playing a bit of fuse ball, I said goodnight to Meghan; woke Wayne, and got us both onto the back of a moped and onto the hostel.  It was a good night to start at Nha Trang!




We all got up as late as possible for the 12pm check out time, and feeling like crap we hailed over a cab.  This was after a bit of backward and forwardsing with the hotel staff to give us back our passports!  They were attempting to charge us for more time as we had arrived early morning, pre-check in time.  No way were they going to welch on a deal, and so we point blank refused to give any more money.  Eventually they keeled over and gave back the passports.


In the new hotel, me and Wayne went back to bed and only briefly got up for some lunch (Ed. Actually reading and writing this journal, I’ve come to realise I actually am a lazy b*****d!).  When we finally got up, it was early evening and so we went out knowing this was only going one way!  Lori chose to stop in, so we said a pre-night apology and left. 


We (delightfully) found it was happy hour everywhere, so we just worked our way around the block following the deals, until we stopped in one bar to play some 9-ball.  It wasn’t too long before some Swedish guys joined us (Robert and Christian), and together we carried on round the road for more drinks/buckets! 


We sat down in a bar and a couple of Aussie girls (Sarah and Louisiana) sat down with us.  Louisiana seemed to take a bit of a shine to me, and this time, me to her.  My issues were temporarily on hold.  They wanted us to join them the next day on a boat trip, so I left to go and book it with them.  Unfortunately it was a bit too late with the offices all being shut, so we said goodnight and went back to rejoin Wayne and the Swedes.  With hindsight an 8am start might have been a bit tough. 


We all ended up once again in Why Not Bar (as this stays open when everywhere closes) and played some fuse ball and pool.  Some Vietnamese ringers challenged us at 10,000 Dong per person, per game and kicked our drunken asses.  We knew we were getting hussled and so quickly left keeping a strong focus on the wallet (that area is famed for pick-pockets).


Lori was still awake by the time we clattered in and we were being daft, telling her stories of the night (I won’t bore with being there stories, but some fish in a tank, pre-dinner, made us crack up, and a guy giving his live crab the kiss of death �" so strange, even the Vietnamese waitress winced!).

  We attempted to watch Wigan V Man Utd on TV, but Wayne (irate at being one down) and myself, soon passed out.




Lori was out long before me, but still managed to find me on the beach when I went down there.  We’d all agreed to go and do the mud bath for the next day, and so a night off from heavy drinking was much needed. 


We spent the entire day on the beach, only breaking for food.  When the evening came, we did go out for a few drinks and games of pool again.  We got chatting to a group of lads from the UK and left the bar after happy hour for another bar beginning happy hour!  This night was always going to end up in Bar Why Not. 
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The one is my fav!!!
The one is my fav!!!
Nha Trang
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