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There was absolutely no way we were going to get déjà vu and miss this train, no way at all!  We got to the station in plenty of time and waited patiently; one expensive error previously was enough. 


The journey was so pleasurable!  You travel through the serene and scenic German countryside along the river Rhine.  You pass through several small towns which line the riverside and it seems like each one has at least one castle!  You quite literally see a new castle every other minute of the journey!  These must be perfect retirement towns for those who want to escape from the city life.


We arrived in Dusseldorf in a good time and left the train to board a bus to the hostel.  Finally we met an unfriendly German person �" the bus driver!  I think he hated us for some reason, probably Lori....  we attempted to pay for our tickets, but he just ignored us??  A German woman boarded the bus after us and got the same treatment despite trying in a kind, patient manner to show her pass!  She passed me and gave a confused chuckle.  I laughed and accepted a free journey. 


I was grateful to get to the hostel and find out it had a spacious hang out area, a kitchen, dining room, and best of all, 24 hours of free internet!  Get in!!


It was still a reasonable hour and the day was lovely, so we went in the direction of the Rhine to see a bit more of the city.  We quite fancied a nice refreshing beer by the river and we were due to meet Lauro after he finished his work, so found a pleasant bar and waited for another TB guru to join us.


Lori got reacquainted with an old friend and I met a new friend and together we swapped a few stories over a couple of drinks.  Hunger started to set in and I and Lori were slightly keen to test the kitchen.  Lauro walked us back to the hostel a long way round to show off his adopted city.  On our way back up, we passed a Starbucks and Lauro spotted a friend and so popped in to say hi.  It turned out to be a guy of TB who by coincidence happened to be one of my friends as well!  Cool.  Luciano turned out to be a really cool guy and gave us all a free coffee and agreed to join us for a few drinks later on.


I and Lori did a quick shop and since Lauro has never been to England or tried the cuisine, we made him some bangers and mash.  We also invited a couple of German students (Sarah and Romina) who were in the hostel with us to join us as we had so much, and after dinner, we all went back out to go and meet Luci and have a few more drinks.
lauro says:
fuckin cranky german hahaha
Posted on: Oct 16, 2009
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photo by: Chokk