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I wanted to get up early so I could go to the Petronas Towers and get on the sky bridge observation deck, but I was just too tired and worn out.  After a later breakfast, I caught a bus to the Cameron Highlands, but by the time I got there it was already starting to get dark and far too late for any trekking. 


Instead I went out for great big greedy dinner in Tonah Rata and did a little bit of souvenir shopping.




The previous night I’d read up on the trails so I could be organised for this morning.

  I’d worked out I could do a combination of 5, 3, 8, and 9A, before heading off in the direction of Boh Tea Plantation.  That way I could see the tea plantation, climb the 1,840 metres to the top of Gerung Berembun, and see the Robinson Falls.  I set off pretty early as I knew it would be a long strenuous day.  I was really enjoying feeling fit again though and had completely left off the alcohol for a good couple of weeks, and I believed I stood an outside chance of being fit for the football season when I get back.  I’d already accepted an invitation to sign up for my old club despite knowing I’d be living mainly in Manchester.  A few games and a few extra pounds wouldn’t go a miss though.  I just needed some stamina.


Trail 5 turned out to be very steep and tiring.  So much so that I considered calling it quits very early a few times before pushing on through the pain barrier believing it would get better.

  Oh wow did I get a huge sense of achievement at the summit.  It hadn’t taken too long, but it had destroyed me!  I hoped the rest would be easy after that, but I slipped over so many times on the soft soil of the steep descent, and quickly realised it was a tough route I’d planned, but I was so relieved to find routes 9 and 9A were concrete pathways in the main. Once on the firmer concrete I quickly found the Robinson Falls for a little break.


I continued down the trail 9A only to find it soon splits.  It’s recommended to carry on through the forest and onto the tea plantations, so that’s what I did.  It was a flat route, but again slippery and I had to navigate over and under fallen trees, tearing my shorts in the process! 


I finally reached the tea plantation and waded through towards the road.

  Here I had a choice of either going back or carrying on the 5km stretch of road to Boh Tea.  I opted for the latter (which would mean an additional 10km back to Tonah Rata).  It was an up hill walk, but it got there pretty quickly and had a look around the most famous of the Cameron Highlands Tea Plantations, but the views, though great, were not a patch on those I’d had in the Cordilleras.  After a short while, I turned to go back to Tanah Rata.


I was shattered, but found a brilliant spot on the main road overlooking the Cameron Bharait Tea Estate.  It was much more of what I had hoped for; a brilliant lush green, and the smell, ah man, it was sensational.  For an avid tea drinker, I was in seventh heaven.  I quite fancied stopping at one of the roadside cafes for a pot of the tea whilst in that surrounding scenery and smells to break up the long trip back.


When I finally got back, the sun was about to set.  I’d had a very long, tiring day and all I wanted now was a hot shower and some food.  I was really pleased to find a nice little cafe serving the local tea with scones and local jam.  Perfect!  Another little dose of Britain for me; was I finally becoming home sick?  Well, not quite, but little reminders of normality never go a miss.  All I needed now was to find somewhere showing the cricket (the Ashes was being played and England were one up in the series for a change).


I had to buy a pair of shorts to prevent any further embarrassment and untimely exposure, and went back to pass completely out.  My BMI was probably at an all time low.

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Cameron Highlands
photo by: forevert2