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Unbelieveably, we actually got up for the walking tour on this morning!  Granted, a little hungover again, but we were there.  It started at 11am at the New Town Hall where the glockenspiel chimes  out every fifteen minutes.  It depics a josting match in which Bavaria (unsurprisingly wins) and the Cooper Dance (which is dedicated to the plague).  This is all in the centre of Marienplatz square and from here it is just a short stroll to the world famous church with its twin towers and characteristic green domed tops.  Here we learnt the legend of an interaction between the devil and the church architect.  The architect outwitted the devil by designing the church with windows, but from a cerain viewpoint, you cannot see them (due to large pillars obscuring the view).  So the story continues with the devil becoming outraged and stamped his foot and simply vanished.  The evidence of his presence being the footprint he left from his livid stamp.  What the footprint actually is, is that of the architect himself as a signature on his work.  He wasn’t the only one to personalise the church.  Each of the workers has built a little face of themselves and positioned them at the top corners of the pillars. 


The continued and we learnt that 90% of Munich was destroyed during the perpetual bombing in the war and thus, the city is largely brand new.  The Hofbrauhas also has a history involvig the Nazis.  Hitler held some politicians captive there and gave several speeches within those confines on his rise to power.  We were actually walking along the very streets Hitler fled from during the Munich Putsch.


My favourite fact of the dat though belongs again to the Hofbrauhas.  The gentleman’s room contains a ‘vomtorium’ for certain purposes haha, but the women’s room doesn’t.  Maybe this sugests women, and the associated etiquate, behave slightly better than the men in Bavaria....


So, what did we do following the tour?  Hmmm, back to ‘home’ and try th veal sausages, some pretzels, and of course, more beers, rubbing the noses of the lions as we went for luck (the lion statues line the streets of Munich). This now meant I had been in a constantly intoxicated state for a mere 72 hours with no intention of letting the standards slip.

  Lori will tell you of some of the non-sense we spoke about.  Everything became “beer”.  Lori got some figures wrong (‘11 plus 3 is 2, not 1’ – turns out she was referring to time, but you can see what I was up against) which led to “Dude, can you beer count?”  hahaha.


I’ll finish this with a little interesting fact – the origin of Prost (cheers).  Prost is a huge chick of the glasses before drinking.  The idea was to smash the glass so hard into the galss of your companion that some beer would actually spill over into the other glass. This was with the aim of sharing the beer which may have been delibrately drugged or poisoned back in the days long gone. 


We got chatting to another couple of guys in the Hofbrauhas and it truned out they were in Milsch last night as well.  Knowing that they liked similar places to us, we got a recommendation to try out Bank bar later on.  We went back to the hostel to get ready and Katie was working.  She was a nice girl and once again, gave us some free Jagerbombs and cheap drinks, so we spent a couple of hours chatting again. 


Bank was a good bar, but finally fatigue caught up on me and home wasn’t long following.  Instead of drinking, I opted to play some fuseball.  It’s free there and there’s a winner stays on policy.  I accept a German versus England challenge, but failed to give a good account of my background.  A quick-fire 5-0 whooping said don’t bother to me.  Instead, a kebab and back to the hostel were on the cards.  Lori went to bed and I saw Matt (the tour guide from earlier) and so got chatting to him.  After a while, I was flagging and so needed sleep.  I quietly knocked on the dorm door “Lori”, slightly louder “Lori”, increased to normal talking volume “Lori”.  She was out for the count and I had no key!  Luckily, another chap in the dorm came by and let me in.  I gave Lori a little nudge to ask for the key and I got a shocking response.  The most dramatic two second search for a key, followed by instant sleep and no keys handed over.  What the??  I had to repeat this and go the same response.  I’m not overexaggerating when I say hand were flying, Lori sits bolt upright and then falls into an instant coma.  Talk about narcoleptic!  Thankfully I caught sight of the keyring the key was attached to on her shelf, so I whipped that off the shelf and finally went to the bathroom to get ready for bed.  Unbelieveable.

lovely_lori88 says:
dude im laughing sooo hard reading this!!
Posted on: Sep 29, 2009
dothoin says:
nice blog ...have to say I love Germany and have been many times ,,,if you get the chance check out Rothenburg ob der Tauber one of the nicest places I've ever been to
Posted on: Sep 29, 2009
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