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Oh wow!  Phang Nga Bay still holds the top spot for my favourite place on Mother Earth so far.  The tour was essentially the same as the last time, but it was superb the first time, so that’s an immediate compliment.  Change isn’t always necessary and I’m a firm believer in, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. 


Our guide (Joe) was eagle-eyed and spotted a monkey munching away passively on some fruit.  We gently rowed over so as not to frighten him (it was a male, a chauvinist male at that!  Have a look at the photo if you want proof) off, and a lot more appeared. 


After a while we move on and rowed around the bay and islands.  Joe stopped occasionally to show us rock formations which were supposed to look like something.  I’ll leave what some of them looked like to the imagination. 


Next stop was at James Bond Island, where we stopped for (what was supposed to be) thirty minutes.  That was enough to get around the island, take some photos, and see the views.  We took a lot of the usual tourist photos, but why not?  We were tourists after all.


The last stop was on another island, and this was the most fun.  You get an hour of free time to do as you wish.  I started by doing a running bomb off the boat and went for a little swim.  There was a pretty small, but attractive beach on the island itself, so I got Lori to grab a canoe whilst I jumped off the top of the boat for a second time.  The whole thing was so relaxing and I felt very tranquil, almost sedate, but then I got in the canoe!  I was knackered straight away with the rowing!  We did get to the beach though for a little sun bathe, but then it seemed like everyone was getting back on the boat and we were holding everyone up.  Back into the canoe, we raced to the boat, only to find people splashing about playfully adjacent to the bloody thing!  I needed a sleep after that.  There was an outside chance, had we of been timed covering the distance, we could have competed for Team GB in any canoeing race!  Shame that…


After everyone got back on board (the Thai guy helping Lori up first, saying ‘Lady first’ then me, saying ‘Lady Boy second’), it was time to go back to Phuket.  There was an Eastern European gut on the boat as well.  I found him really strange.  We didn’t actually speak at all, but I did people watch and he went from being fully clothed, slowly (and I do mean slowly) down to Speedos.  Honestly!  Where do look?  It was totally uncalled for.  He began by tying a knot in his tee-shirt, exposing a rounded belly, and over time, ended up dancing around in his hot-pants!  Weird!!!


When we got back, we were due to meet up with another TBer, which we did, but didn’t stay out too long.  Instead, the three of us booked onto the Phi Phi Island tour for the next morning.

derekbilldaly says:
Hahaha so Bondy wasnt wrong when your nickname got changed from Harry to Lady Boy while you were away!!!
Posted on: Oct 17, 2009
lovely_lori88 says:
awww i love your blogs!
Posted on: Oct 16, 2009
matthew says:
Prapasri - it was variable. This was actually in the wet season, but this particular day was lovely.

RJ - hahaha. I was totally uncalled for and just plain weird. My poor eyes!!!
Posted on: Oct 16, 2009
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This one is supposed to resemble a…
This one is supposed to resemble …
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James Bond Island
James Bond Island
photo by: myhorizon