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We were onboard the bus for 8am, and it wasn’t long after that Wayne got on.  We all set off for Hoi An and arrived at 12:30pm.  It was all good and well arriving at 12:30pm, but the mid-day heat made finding a hotel hard work.  We were actually dropped close by to one, but chose unwisely to look around.  An Australian couple pointed us in the direction of the old town, but this wasn’t helpful when attempting to find a backpackers hotel.  We eventually found somewhere suitable to crash, pretty close to where we had started from!


After a quick wash and change, we all went to the beach (about 5km away), but we got there for the last of the day’s sun.  Wayne got talking to some French dude and we all agreed to meet up later on for some food and drinks.  This gave us just over two hours to get back and ready.  Lori set off first (she had struggled a bit to keep up with me and Wayne on-route to the beach), and we gave her a good head start by stopping off for a few drinks.  We made it back and got ready and did get to the meet point on time. 


Sebastian (Frenchy), left after the food as he was off the next day, but we stayed out.  Everton were due to be playing Spurs that night, so my target was to find a bar showing the game.  Lori wasn’t up for a night of football, but me and Wayne found Stop and Go Bar and watched it.  It was a pretty entertaining 0-0, and we had drank a fair amount by this stage.  We got talking to a French guy and Spanish girl (Lydia and William), and closing time quickly approached.  Well, that meant only one thing in Hoi An, beach party!!!  The bar gives free lifts up to their sister bar on the beach front and everyone continues with the night.  We all sat on the beach with a multitude of nationalities coming and going.  It was incredible.  A few buckets later and we were F****D!  Annoyingly my camera broke somehow, but I couldn’t put a downer on such a good night. 


It got late/early and it was time to leave.  I, Wayne, Lydia, and William set off down the road back to the Old Town.  It was so early in the morning that farmers were out walking their bulls to the fields.  They let us take some photos of the bulls (they didn’t have a lot of choice actually) and I got a metaphorical photo of ‘grabbing the bull by the horns’. 


We were all getting the usual hassle off moped drivers offering lifts and asking ‘Where you from?’, and one unfortunate fella got a bit too close to us and all four of us surrounded him shouting mockingly ‘Where you from?  Where you from?  The poor bugger couldn’t escape, and William even started using his helmet as a bongo!  It was hilarious and finally we had one up on the Vietnamese for a change.

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Hoi An