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I woke up at a reasonable hour and wanted to see a little bit of the city.  I quickly got my bearings now my circadian rhythm had returned and realised very quickly what a ridiculous taxi fare I had paid just a few hours before.  I chose to take the positive and learn from it, and then made my way to Menara Kuala Lumpur (KL Tower) which is the World’s fourth biggest building.


Next stop was the famous twin Petronas Towers and they are a man-made master class.  Such a pretty building and extremely charismatic.  They’re pretty much what everyone knows Kuala Lumpur by.  I took a few pictures before going inside to the huge, modern shopping mall. 


I only had a few hours left before my bus left for Singapore and I was due to meet Najiah and a few others that evening, so I needed to get organised.  Luckily Kuala Lumpur is very east to navigate your way around, and it is a relatively compact city for a capital, so finding what I needed wasn’t an arduous challenge.  On my way to a finding an internet cafe, a Malay chap started talking to me (my head was into the map section of the Lonely Planet) and he was giving me a hard time for being a guidebook traveller instead of meeting local people.  I just listened to his rants knowingly and never told him I’d met a lot of local people for every country I’ve been in (more often than not, via TB).  He was very frank and forward, and I was far too polite to tell him to piss off, so instead, despite being weirded out, I agreed to meet back up for a tea or coffee and chat about Malaysia.  I didn’t want to, but I have a daft inability to say no.  I did actually turn up as well, but explained that I have a bus in a short while and need to collect my bags first. 


Back in the hostel, I collected my backpack and waited for the lift to arrive.  Once in the lift got to my floor, I went in and pressed to go to the ground floor.  This never happened!  The lift went down just enough to jam me between floors!!!  SHIT.  I was trapped and had less than an hour until the bus, and I had to get all the way to the station yet, let alone that coffee!  Frantically pressing the bell, no-one came to my aid.  Oh no!  Now what do I do?  Well, in my case, panic, prance around, then attack the door.  I managed to prize the door open just enough to be able to yell for help, but no way near enough to scurry to freedom. 


Just before the tears started, someone did heed my calls and overtime, the hostel staff did arrive.  I let the door shut, mainly out of fatigue, but I really wasn’t interested in their meeting about what to do.  Time was ticking now and I really needed to get out if I was to make the bus.  I had another go at prizing the doors open and this time I saw a handle on the door to the lower floor.  Jackpot!!!  I yanked it and held it open whilst flinging my bags out and then in a last grasp Indiana Jones style, I jumped clear of the slamming door.  I just legged it off; I had no time to go back up a floor and thank the staff for eventually coming and holding a meeting.  No no, my bus was due and I was running for it at full pelt. 


Unbelievable!  As chance has it, I got collared by the weirdo saying “What happened to me?”  I quickly showed him a bloodied hand and arm and said “I got trapped in the lift.  I’ve got to catch my bus.  Next time maybe?”  He must have taken this the wrong way, and followed me to the bus!  On arrival, he said if I’d like to see Malaysia, I am welcome to stay at his place outside of KL, which I thought was a bit dodgy but kind none the less.  He told me he’d had many travellers visit before, and that gave me enough confidence to exchange emails.  He gave me his, and I gave him mine with a few letters and digits swapped around and explained I didn’t have a mobile phone whilst travelling.  Once on the bus I pulled out the phone to check I had enough battery to call Naj later.  I’m not sure what happened to his contact details I was given....


The bus set off for Singapore and I was quite excited to be seeing my friends again soon.  I was due to be there for 9pm and so tried to get a little sleep.


I woke at the border crossing.  It was 9:45pm, and despite the efficiency of the crossing, I knew I wouldn’t be meeting up with Naj, Mark, Abu or Shuyi for our scheduled 10pm.  It was sad and I was just replying to a text from Naj, when I thought, it is a bit late, I’d better call.  Literally that very same moment my phone rang!  It seems great/daft minds do think alike.  I told her by the time I’d be booked in, washed, and changed it would be quite late, and it wasn’t likely I would be able to get out.  I was totally shattered physically and emotionally after that day, so I said I’d be in touch for the next day instead.

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