Kill Off some Liver Cells, Buy a Shed Load of Bracelets from Horrible Kids

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I left Lori to have a little sleep in and went for some brunch and to the beach.  I found out you can jump on a sun bed for free if you buy a drink at any of the beach bars, and at just 50 cents for a draught lager, it’s hard not to have a few.  This was pure luxury for me, a really nice, hot day, and a few drinks to enjoy it with.  It wasn’t long before Lori came to join me and we were set for the day.


We actually got talking to a Kiwi guy, David, as he was getting hassle of the Cambodian children selling bracelets.  The kids were pretty funny and he was handling them well with a laid back and patient approach (and the fact he was covered in bracelets he had paid for).  I was surprised how well the kids spoke English!  They’d obviously been taught well, but I had suspicions schooling was orientated around language only as it is essential in making an immediate income out of tourism.  The cheeky comments got the better of me as well, and it wasn’t long before I was suckered into playing a game of pool with one of them; the stakes: if I win, a free bracelet; if I lose, I pay $2 for it.  I lost. 


After a fair bit of beach drinking, we were nicely stewed and so went out for the evening, again at the livelier beach bars.  There seemed to be an abundance of good looking women around, a far fewer men.  I was in my element and in a drunken frenzy, went off and met a lot of them.  My previous indecisive nature was on hold for a little while here, but I did draw the line a few times.  I went to be (alone), very drunk, but already in love with Sihanoukville.




With Wayne and Steph due to arrive the following day, and with it being the last day of the Premiership season, I took a day off from the drinking (in truth, I had little choice with the hang-over).  I watched Hull survive by the skin of their teeth despite losing to Man Utd as both Boro and, more unbelievably, Newcastle joined WBA in the Championship.  I found it quite ironic that their hero, Alan Shearer, was the man at the helm to carry them down.  My family (Sunderland fans in the main) were obviously delighted!




On my way towards the beach I heard a familiar voice say ‘Alright friend?’ and turned to see both Wayne and Steph just pulling up on a moped.  The timing was amazing.  They found a place to stay and joined us for the last of the day’s sun and a lot of ‘Welcome to Sihanoukville’ beers.  This was unfortunately Lori’s last night travelling with me, and so we had to make this a memorable and big one.  She deserved a good send off after the best part of three months together. 


Again on the beach, we were surrounded by the kids selling bracelets.  I quite liked them and played along with the banter, with Steph it was a different story.  She had got an absolute brat and wouldn’t buy a bracelet from him and the transition was startling.  It was like he’d become possessed or something!  His voice changed from reasonably pleasant to something you might hear on the Exorcist!  Swearing his head of and using the harshest of words in the English vocabulary (I actually blame tourists for teaching him such words); we ignored him until he left.  All forms of reasoning with him and pleading not to use those words ever were a bit futile, and so we quit an effective lost cause and concentrated attention on the nicer kids. 


We finished on the beach soon after that, and back for a wash and change, before going out for some food.

  We ate reasonably well before going back to the beach bars (where the beer price had now fallen to 25 cents for a beer!). 


We went to try out a different bar further down the beach and bit out of the way of the main hub.  It was quieter and nicer, but a fair bit more expensive.  It was good for us to have a break from the main lively scene, but they were having some kind of open microphone session there and Wayne got talking to the manageress, and it wasn’t long before our duo took to the stage for some rendition of Wonderwall by Oasis.  I got handed a guitar of somebody, and thought, well ok.  Wayne, Steph and Lori had no idea I could/couldn’t play, but I did my bit, be it nervously, but most of the bar were singing along gratefully, and the manageress thanked me for the efforts.  It’s been a long while since I’ve played, and I dare say it’ll be a long while until I play again.  I must admit, I loved the attention though.


We moved back to the main bar scene not too long after that (I was lie a flash in the pan entertainer) and got in an absolutely awful state in the Dolphin Bar.  Wayne passed out on the sofas on the beach and I went to play some pool with a Cambodia guy who spoke no English.  It was strange attempting to play by each others rules. 


Wayne and Steph had vanished (I think they must have been shattered after the trip) and so me and Lori sat at the bar, taking in the free drinks and wearing face paints and party bands and carried on.  One of the girls from the previous night joined me for a while, but I think she got slightly annoyed when I was chatting up the bar girl.  I’m such a dick when drunk.

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