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Crazy girl got up at 8:30am, just as the morning heat was kicking in.  We had to be up and out earlyish, but Najiah wanted to go for a run on the beach.  I’d threatened to join her the pervious night, but that was a metabolic expense I just couldn’t afford at that moment.  I went back to sleep.  Najiah came back in all flustered and sweaty from the run about three, maybe four, minutes later, and so after some showers, we went out for another Starbucks breakfast. 


I had to go back on the internet to finalise the work crap and fax it off, only to find the cafe couldn’t fax internationally.  Well left me right in the crap, but Najiah, bless her, was an absolute angel and came to the rescue by offering to take my stuff off me and fax over to the UK when she got back to Singapore.  She’s an absolute superstar and I was so relieved and grateful for the help.  Now all I had to do was play a waiting game for bookings to roll in, and all being well, my diary would fill itself and I could relax again. 


We had a last stroll along the beach before climbing into a tricycle bound for the port where we would catch the boat back to Caticlan.  It was here we would be parting ways.  I felt really down saying goodbye after all the different places we seen over the months I’d been in Asia.  I didn’t know when, but I knew I would be seeing Najiah again, and as far as I was concerned, the sooner the better.  I will admit to having been a little bit tempted to change around my plans the previous few days and head back to Manila and North Luzon first, but overall it made more sense to see the Visays in one go, so I opted for the more sensible route. 


I got to Iloilo at around 7pm, and had finally decided to try and get straight to Cebu, missing out Negros completely, so I would have more time in and around Manila and north Luzon.  That 21 day visa allowance already looked like it wasn’t going to be enough.  I climbed into a cab and asked if the night ferries were still operating to Cebu.  He fed me a load of cods wallop about not knowing, so I went anyway so I could at least get some information. 


I got to the port to find out, as expected, the last boat had departed.  I gathered the information I needed, and the taxi driver was offering all kinds of ludicrous suggestions about how to get to Cebu tonight from another port a fair way away and he could take me for a price.  I just completely ignored him now as I didn’t trust even a fraction, so instead I flagged over another cab and asked to go to a guest house I’d read about.  He took me there, but on the way was offering trips to ‘see girls’ and when I said no, he asked if boys were my thing, the knob head.  I lied and said I had a girlfriend already and she was at the guesthouse.  I thought that would be the best and non-repliable option, but he still came back with another response of being able to visit the girls and he would wait for me and get me back to the guesthouse rapidly.  I shook my head in disbelief and said “Look, just take the guesthouse please.  I’m shattered and have got a long day tomorrow”.  He then offered alternative guesthouses to look at and we could go there first, with the metre running of course!  I’d had enough.  I felt like crap, was a bit lonely, and all I wanted was to get some food and a bed sorted.  I said I’d get out and get another cab if needs be, but otherwise to please take me to my chosen guesthouse.  That seemed to finally do it as he could see he’d riled and offended me as well as test my patience.  I paid him and he lied saying he had no change.  Well, I wasn’t standing for anymore bull-shit off him and so I said come on!  Magically, change appeared from his glove compartment, but even then he tried to short me, which I promptly pointed out.  I laughed off his request for a tip and continued into the guest house, thinking this is exactly why I hate getting taxis, scamming arseholes.


He did hang around the outside of the guesthouse just in case they were full.  Pointless really. If they had had of been full, I would have gone somewhere close by for some food before getting a different cab.  Luckily that was unnecessary and I checked in (without prostitutes for company).

najiah10 says:
"on the way was offering trips to ‘see girls’ and when I said no, he asked if boys were my thing, the knob head" LOL!!! ok i guess i deserve the superstar and angel mention.. after all the verbal bullying you've done to me in your blog entries. pfft!
Posted on: Nov 03, 2009
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