"If that's you I'm gonna kill yah" "Duuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkk!!!"

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Face firmly against the wooded wall, I woke.  A little bitten; a little splintered; very uncomfortable; and a little insecure, but we all got up and went to the beach.  It was a bit overcast and I was rather restless anyway.  I was bit like a dog with two tails due to overexcitement.  Sarj was on route and would be there in just a couple of hours, followed by JeAr and Najiah from Singapore, then it’s the first leg of our meet up and lots of TBers were due to arrive.  Ahhh, I was kinda stressed, but energetically restless at the same time.  I seriously had to get a grip and not peak too soon. 


They were showing some football at our bungalows on the TV and so whilst Lori caught up on the internet, I got chatting to a guy sat watching the game.  I sat with him (Steven) and told him that we were travelling around and those routinely obvious questions, but then it turned out he was on TB as well!  How random, but cool was that?!  I told him we had organised a meet up and he was more than welcome to join.  That little piece of serendipity turned out to be highly useful!  I’ll come back to that. 


My phone beeped after receiving a text: “Matty ducky!  The boat has set off, I will see you in 2 hours at your hostel then?  Don’t you go anywhere haha.  Just wait for the 12-yr-old looking girl, ok? 


After a while, it started raining again, and knowing how dim the path was, I went to go find Sarj.  I did!  “If that’s you I’m gonna kill yah”  follow by:  “Duuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkkk”  After around a year of constant banter, finally I met her!  All I had left to meet now was Jay and Naj, and that would be soon!!  I took Sarj’s backpack and showed her up to the bungalow.  The poor girl had been awake for over 50 hours!  After dropping off the bags, the five of us (me, Lori, Sarj, Aidan and Steven) all went to Same-Same bar for the meet up.  It was 10pm as agreed in the forum.  People started arriving and I was typically sat at the bar with Sarj and she was a metaphorical TB magnet!  Everyone recognised her and came over to say hi.  I was sat there like a gooseberry in comparison haha, but Sarj’s TB notoriety certainly did come in handy.


After an hour or so, I felt a sharp knee jabbed in my lower bag.  Ready to throw my first holiday punches, I turned to see a guilty, but fearless Najiah.

  JeAr was there too, so finally I had met all the guys.


As Jay and Naj still had bags, I thought it would be best if I go to the bungalow with them and Sarj and drop them off, but leave Lori and co at Same-Same to gather in any more additions to the group.  Unforgivingly, the rain returned and as the guys were all hungry after their flights, boats and buses, we stopped to eat at the reception until the rain passed. All of a sudden, there was a power cut (I know no that this was Naj’s fault.  Power cuts have an unnerving affinity towards her – FACT), we were trapped for a while.  When the lights came back on and the rain had cleared enough, we rejoined the, now larger, group back at Same-Same (the group included the likes of Mike and Alvin from the States, Raz from KL, Chris, Colin and Ivan from the UK amongst several others.  Not bad for a pre-party night!).  We stayed there for a few more drinks for everyone to get acquainted and to also give the rain a chance to clear. 


We all did make it to the beach and the pre-party night.  It was great fun.  We were all sharing buckets and got more and more intoxicated and by the end of the night we were all splashing around in the sea! 


Although this was my first time meeting Jay, Sarj and Naj, it felt like we’d been friends for a long long time.  I blame three threads of banter in the meet up forum…. 


Staggering back up the hill to the bungalow, we found space for everyone to crash somehow.  JeAr took the hammock, Naj and Sarj shared the spare bed at Steven’s bungalow, and our cosy threesome went back to bed for a Lori sandwich. 

kickasstunner says:
this is phenomenal! I miss you already duck! i miss these times! i miss you allllllllll! waaaaaaaaaah!
Posted on: Oct 25, 2009
matthew says:
You did - It was you who said it in Boracay. (I'm probably lying, but don't realise it)
Posted on: Oct 20, 2009
najiah10 says:
OMG... how come i never noticed the pattern!! i feel special now, in a supernatural kinda way. :D

p.s. there was a power cut in VV?
Posted on: Oct 20, 2009
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Love these guys so much
Love these guys so much
Finally meeting Naj
Finally meeting Naj
and Finally meeting Jay
and Finally meeting Jay
Koh Phangan
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