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So I left the flat to get to Kings Cross Station via the tube.  Sitting there with my Aviators on, I got a chance to glance around without being noticed.  Yep, this is London how I remember it, zero eye contact, everyone reading that freebie crap newspaper or some paperback book from Tescos Top 10 of the week, and absolute verbal silence in the carriages.  I don't actually mind the tube, and it's efficiency I certainly rate.  Gah people are funny following the tube etiquette. 

I got to my stop and onto my train without any problems from potholes, chikcens crossing the roads/tracks (no pun), sweltering heat, or freezing cold air-con.  I left London on a 12:30pm train and got back to Nottingham within 2 hours.  Man, I have a new respect for UK transport!!!  100 miles in two hours, hmmm, I've not had that for a while!  I caught a bus and got home to the parental bombardment within an hour as well.

That was it for my day.  A nice catch up with the folks, some home-cooked English food, copious amounts of tea with FRESH milk, a hot power shower, and a comfy bed.  Oh how I had took all this for granted just six months ago. 


I woke up the next morning at around 5am, darn jet lag, and forced myself to at least attempt a bit more sleep.  It was no use, so I got up and busied myself.  Facing parental bombardment Part II over breakfast, I decided to take the cop-out clause and fake sleep, only to be rudely 'awoken' by the arrival of the plasterers.  Ah man!!!  My parents have decided to time it perfectly to redecorate the main rooms of the house just as I return?  What the...  Why not a week or two ago?  And why the hell are they spending my inheritance money on the house???  So selfish ;)  I just decided to get out of the way and then all of a sudden I starting itching all over!  Ahhh maaaan!!  I was breaking out into a huge rash.  Ok, this is not good, maybe it's karma for leaving Asia too soon?  I thought I'd better see the doctor as I was looking real mess and Mum was raving on about malaria and all other bs, so to (A) sod off from the physical work in the house; and (B) to ease everyones overrated concerns, I went.  He did a few checks on me, shone lights in my sleepy, docile face and asked a few questions about my trip....  yeah, I'm sure you can guess.  I replied NOOOoooOOOooo to most of them, but when he asked is anything new to you, do you think you could be allergic to anything?  I thought for about this for a split second before decided I agreed - I'm allergic to the UK!  I need more travels STAT!!!  We settled on a course of antihistamines and no strenuous activity for a few days - well, that's what I told the golden oldies when I got back to the house hahahaha


matthew says:
Ah - fair enough. It must have something as everyone seemed to be well into the covers. Maybe I should give it a go next time.
Posted on: Oct 31, 2009
hoangn says:
As a Londoner I would agree with the ZerO eye contact but the metro is definately NOT freebie crappy newspaper, dude its awesome!
Posted on: Oct 31, 2009
matthew says:
Cheers Nike - keep an eye out for when the blogs get on to Thailand an Laos haha
Posted on: Aug 13, 2009
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