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Oh what a day!!!  I woke up like a small child at Christmas, a dog with two tails, *insert more metaphors to express over-excitement*  Finally everyone was going to be here after all the hype and talk in the forum, finally one mass TB travel to Laos and tubing down the Vang Vieng river.  It was all about to happen and I was just and adrenalin pumped, hyperactive, idiot again.  Lori did well to keep me calm without resorting to either violence or medication, but I fear it was a losing battle. 


Wayne had arranged a 12pm meet up at the Irish bar, and by the time I got there (I thought I’d be the first), Wayne, Steph and Duck had already made it!  So had Andre, and Angelo!  We had a group already, it was so cool.  Lori took me across the road for some breakfast/lunch and eagerly glancing over, I kept repeating ‘The group hasn’t grown yet’ annoyingly over and over, until Marc showed up, then it became ‘the group hasn’t grown enough yet’.  The poor girl had already taken about a month of this kind of stupidity and had a lot more to come.  I did sympathise, but not enough to quit it. 


Myself and Lori rejoined the group, and the introduction of Ivan, JeAr, Colin, Khriz, Mark, Raz, Mike, Chris, Eiko, Layla, Abu, Naj, Alex, French Michael, the Danish guy with the cacophonous voice, ah so many of us!!!  It was so cool (except for the Danish guy with a cacophonous voice).  It was just a huge group and difficult to exercise my ubiquity, but I did manage to get around and least say an introductory ‘hello’ to everyone. 


The beers were coming thick and fast and so were the fun and games.

  We all had the beer stickers stuck to us at one point and then the Matterization of a few began haha.  I was in my dog tags, beads (which doubled up as a bracelet) and my aviators.  Dressing everyone up in that apparel and putting on a Mike Lowry Esq. (Bad Boys) ‘Everyone wants to be like Matt’ we took a load of photos.  I think Steph always has a knack of pulling it off with this look, but Naj did pretty well also.  Funny that isn’t?  How girls can do well looking like boys.....


Over the course of the day we all got pretty drunk and slowly made our way to Gazebo bar and we all chipped in for some shisha pipes.  A few more Tbers joined the group, including Meesha and Liat and we all sat gossiping away getting reacquainted and getting to know new friends (apart from those with cacophonous voices).  The bar staff obviously liked having such a big group there as we were all happily buying copious amounts of drinks, and to keep us happy, they kept topping up the shisha free of charge!  We were getting far too relaxed though and were in danger of not getting to the RCA before closing time.  Insert Ivan’s party trick.  Now from previous experience, I really should know better, but sometimes drinking does it’s own talking, and immaturity can take the main stage.  I dished out a small drop to everyone, including myself.  The transition from nicely sat down and calmly settled, to pandemonium was instantaneous!  I must have given myself slightly too much as my mouth was roasting.  I had a major problem with an itch on my eye, so cleverly I rubbed it with the hand the dealt out the medication used for torture during Japanese colonisation of a lot of SE Asia countries.  This was not cool.  My eye burnt immediately so I intelligently rubbed it with the other hand that I dabbed the sauce on too!  Oh my god, fighting a losing battle, I kept the eyes closed, only flashing them open for milliseconds to redirect myself to the toilet.  Wow – I eventually made it to the astonishment of the bog trolls.  They just didn’t know what was going on as I shoved my face under the tap, partially screaming.  Andre was very good, so was Naj.  They both tried to help me, but Lori was already on the scene and providing me with towels and ice, but unfortunately without a new retina.  My eyes were blood red for the rest of the night.  That stuff had done the impossible and singed the eyeball.

  I fear laser surgery in the near future my be required.


Reluctantly and apologetically, I returned to the group and it already been suggested we leave the bar and the embarrassment behind.  That worked fine for me.  With all of us piling into taxis (except those (ed: hmmm, using a plural isn’t fair) who wouldn’t go ‘Out of principle’) we made our way to the RCA. 


Some people, who had gone ahead, were already in Route 66 by the time the last taxis arrived so we shuffled over there to get in.  The bouncer wasn’t exactly being tourist friendly and IDed everyone.  Most of us weren’t actually carrying any, so I just explained, look I’m nearly 30 (they you go, a rare admittance) and pushed past him.  I thought that serve to rile, but instead he backed off and the main doorman came to chat to me.  I told him I could vouch for everyone’s age and is there anyway he would let us all in?  Eventually it was agreed that I would buy a bottle of spirits and some mixers and we can all come in.  Well in the absence of an entrance fee, I simply collect a couple of hundred Baht off everyone, ordered a bottle of JD and a lot of sprite and transition was from one of hostility to one of almost regal welcomes.  Immediately, the staff cleared a table and gathered plenty of chairs for us all.  It was perfect. 


After sharing out the bottle, we all went inside for a bit of a boogie with everyone, and this is where things get very hazy.  My glasses broke somehow; I think I’ll blame Steph for this – just to mix it up a little bit.  I really needed the loo as well and so eventually found it.  The passage is confusingly full of mirrors as well.  This is not good when you’ve got burnt out eyeballs and drank enough alcohol to kill a baby elephant.  Anyway, I tried to avoid an extremely good-looking man who was walking in exactly the same direction as me, at exactly the same pace!  I even apologised on the collision before I worked out what had happened!  That means bedtime!  Me, Naj, Lori and Jay all shared a cab and Lori decided to film me......  Hmmm quotes such as ‘You’re parents are ashamed of you’ ‘You mother would be appalled’ came out, actually I think they were some of the lesser offence random pieces of garbage that evidently comes of my cake hole.

  That film needs to be banished! 

matthew says:
Posted on: Jan 31, 2011
kickasstunner says:
argh..this makes me sad :( :( let's go on a trip again, weirdos!!!
Posted on: Jan 30, 2011
matthew says:
errrr - both of you two actually. I've been cracking up all day
Posted on: Oct 19, 2009
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