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Groggily I woke to find most bed already stacked away.  It was pretty early and we were still on approach to Bangkok.  We were due to meet Natty and Khriz at the station, but protests were taking place not helping them.  Khriz did make it and so we met up.  The seven of us (me, Lori, Jay, Aidan, Ivan, Colin, and Khriz) decided it would be better to head to Khao Sarn Road and get a room between us to freshen up whilst we wait for Natty. 


Chiang Mai hosts the Songkran festival (Thai New Year), and so we’d planned to get up there somehow for this.  It turned out the train was fully booked, so was the buses >.<  In the end, Natty organised a mini-van which could fit everyone in, but it was going to be another rough overnight drive.  At least we’d be getting there.


I, Ivan, and Colin passed the time drinking on KSR and the other guys would join us overtime.  A few random guys did join us, but they had only just arrived and their overexcitement and absolute garbage they were spouting out was doing my head in.  I was friendly enough, but in truth was happy when they left (about 2 hours later!!!). 


The drinking stopped for me when Ivan produced some hot sauce he’d purchased off the internet.  That stuff should be illegal!  He said to try the tiniest drop and so I put a splodge on my hand.  Luckily, before consuming, Colin stopped me warning that that was far too much and to wipe away at least half.  I took his better knowledge and thank god I did!  I licked it off and felt fine… for about a second!  Tears followed, but I remained seated…. for about a second, then up and off to the toilet as fast as lightning.  Get that shite out my mouth!  Why oh why does it burn so much???  I returned, tail between my legs, vowing never to touch it again.  Like the best made promises though, that wouldn’t be the case.

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Do NOT under any circumstances tou…
Do NOT under any circumstances to…
After running to the loo to wash t…
After running to the loo to wash …
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