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So, the benefit of that particular hostel was it’s location.  We had a taxi booked for 4am >.<  Yes, 4am!!! >.< and that took us quickly to the train station where we could hop on and head for Stanstead.  4 BLOODY AM.  I’m wasn’t sure that hour even existed until then.  I believed it to be a rumour.


Memory does not serve me well when my cognitive functioning isn’t there, so the next pieces of a memory jigsaw come after we arrived in Munich.  The check in time at our hostel was 2pm, so after dropping off the bags, we had a bit of time to see the city and get some food.  My first impressions of the city were with regards to it’s supreme cleanliness and safety, but it also struck me as a very passive and fun city.  I was especially pleased with the prices of everything.  The Euro to Pound (almost) parity scared the hell out of me, but most things were actually cheaper than the UK (frequently lower quality) equivalent i.e. beers and food.  Lori was set on finding a kebab restaurante she’d eaten in before.  We found it, and man it was good!  My first German beers in Bavaria, such a special experience.  They’re all premium quality and you won’t find the substandard Carlsbergs, Carlings, or Fosters choice of the chav. 


After the check in and a quick wah up, it didn’t take us too long to find, and stay, in the Hoffbrauhas.  What do you do in there?  Well, plonk your arse down anywhere with anyone, order a 1L of beer, pale of dark, talk to anyone, get drunk with anyone.  The place is an ultimate destination for those looking for company to get heavily inebriated with; we certainly were no different. 


We joined a table with a jolly, red-faced man who was just so happy to be in Munich.  Even though he spoke no English, and we spoke no German, we all felt in superb company.  The language of beers and prost (cheers) was all we needed.  Walter was his name, and he was visiting with his wife from Hamburg, somehow we deciphered that.... There was also Nelson and Laura in our company.  They were Californian’s and we all got drunk together.  After a few hours/litre jugs (which Lori attempted to keep the pace with!) passed, and we found our way to a bar (with some more recruits we met as we left the Hoffbrauhas) and carried, well, I carried on drinking haha.  A higly intoxicated Lori, meant enough over-indulgence for one night, soon came around, and it was time to recover from that early 4 bloody am start, but what a start to the whole trip!!

matthew says:
errr no way. It was Thailand.... I think :/
Posted on: Oct 02, 2009
lovely_lori88 says:
dude so was not!!!! was the easy jet flight, come on, get your shit together yo!
Posted on: Oct 01, 2009
matthew says:
You think so?? That was the Thailand flight - of course I've not forgot that hahaha. You'll be named and shamed many times yet! :P
Posted on: Sep 30, 2009
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