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Ow Oh.  A tentative wake up this morning.  Why does my back feel a bit funny?  Oh yes, now I remember....


So little miss guilty got up to shower leaving a man to his work.  We were due to switch rooms at anytime that morning, and I needed the bed to look at least convincing for the cleaners.  Najiah could hear screams of “FUCK, fuck fuck fuck” as I took the mattress off the bed and flipped the frame over, so I could at least have a try at straightening it out.  I decided the best course of action would be to sit on the newly formed joint and bounce it in the opposite direction of the crease.  This seemed to work and so we a few carefully placed sheets and the mattress back in position, it was the perfect crime.  I was beginning to think Najiah would get away with it. 


So we switched room a little nervously, and got re-settled in.  Audrey found our hotel and came to knock on us to let us know they were all on the beach, so we came down to join them and splash around for a while.  We were all playing around in the sea when a light drizzle started.  It really didn’t matter much and we were quite happy to take Audrey’s suggestion of going on the banana boards. 


Disappointing none of us fell off and Najiah hadn’t drowned as planned, but it was quite good fun, if a little short on the advertised 15 minutes.  I think they may have been a bit on the cautious side with the weather being as it was and the waves being slightly rougher than ideal.  We went back to the beach following the boat ride, and Najiah had brought a frizzbie with her for us all to fool around with.  Me and Alex skilfully through the frizzbie around, but often had to swim out some distance to fetch Najiah’s attempts at throwing straight.  Credit where credit is due.  She tries hard....


The sea at Boracay is a tranquil turquoise blue colour, but it darkens as the depth increases.  There’s such a sharp contrast that it makes this little island have picture perfect beaches.  The only unlucky aspect to that which we experienced was the level of cloud cover giving bad light.  This is the off season though, but you can clearly see why Boracay is such a favourite amongst Philippinos and travellers alike.  Being the party satellite just off Panay gives it an ideal location for a little break from city life.  I absolutely loved this place.


Thankfully the rain slowed and so we stayed out.  The sand was a bit too wet to bathe on, but I was happy playing around in the sea or with the frizzbie.  It was getting on a bit and so myself and Najiah went back to the hotel, but we all did agree to meet up later on for a few farewell drinks (it was to be Audrey’s, Arran’s, and Alex’s last night). 


When we were ready for the evening we went out, but made our first stop at an all you can eat Philippino buffet.  I think they actually lost money on us two, but at least we were well fed.  We wobbled down the beach front towards Audrey’s hotel and then all together onto a funky-looking Japanese bar where we could have some cocktails.  All of a sudden there was a power-cut.  Now this tends to be a trend when I hang around with Najiah, so I have little option but to blame her (again).  We did stay until the power came back on, but the seats were comfy and the candle light was quite soothing. 


After a couple of drinks, Najiah wanted to find the Red Pirate bar, as recommended by Sarj, so we walked along the beach front.... and walked..... and walked, only stopping for some photos by the impressive sand castles that had been built.  We actually gave up the quest for the elusive Pirate Bar (Ed. I wonder if Sarj had made it all up) and chose to find the rare Happy Horse instead (One in six (I think) Red Horses are a Happy Horse i.e. the horse picture on the bottle is smiling.  This is because a Happy Horse is ever so slightly stronger, but it is a neat gimmick and certainly worked on us). 


Oh I have to write this.  This knocks me sick, but as we were walking along the beach front, there were people that approached us selling a thing known as Bayon.  In simple terms it is aborting a chick when you eat one.  The egg actually contains a chick embryo that has just started to develop features.  You crack open the top of the egg, drink the surrounding gravy, and then eat the almost hatching chick.  Audrey and Arran shared one; and Najiah wanted me to, even offering never to call me grandpa again if I destroyed a baby chick with my teeth.  I don’t know why anyone would me to perform an act of evil like that.  I thought about buying one of the eggs just so I could rub it in my hands until it hatched and said “Mama?”  I bottled it and thus, I’m still grandpa (and have a clear conscience).


We all enjoyed a few drinks, but the closing times soon came around and once again I had to say goodbye to Audrey not knowing when/if I’ll see her again.  At least I’d had another happy time to add to the collection.

najiah10 says:
i wanted to kill you for putting all the blame on me (i see the trend here) but lucky for you, your entry cracked me up. hahahahaha. so "little miss guilty" wasn't the one swearing her head off for not being able to fix the bed, eh? i wonder why......
Posted on: Nov 03, 2009
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photo by: Deats