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FUCKING HELL!!!  I’d seen this unearthly hour of the morning/night far too much on this trip!  I had to be at the airport for 5:30am, so I jumped out of bed and into a cab and set off for terminal two as I thought Naj had instructed me.  A quick shuffle across to the correct terminal one, and Naj still wasn’t there – unbelievable.  Now punctuality has never been my strong point, and clearly me and Naj were two of a kind.  I found somewhere to sit near the entrance, and turned the iPod up high as so to put off the inevitable passing out.


Najiah found and woke me, and we checked in and caught the plane without any further problems.  Actually, there was a problem.  I was hungry and bought a sandwich for breakfast on the flight only to find there was a food ban on the plane, unless it was the plane’s own served up food.  I had to leave it in my bag, and seen as we were sat on the front isle, it was difficult to sneak a mouthful at a time.  In truth, I gave up with such a coy approach, and exposed the offending item briefly before hiding it in a safer place.  Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum.  The post prandial narcosis followed, and I slept.


We’d actually got talking to a chap whilst queuing in Singapore, and he didn’t have much of a clue where to go or what to see, so between us, we came up with a brief, rough itinerary for him on the flight, and handed it to him whilst waiting for our bags.  We’d said to stay Makati whilst in Manila, and go to see Palawan and Boracay.  He was pretty grateful for the advice, and we left to go our way.


JeAr was good enough to meet us in Manila to take us to a hotel before he started work, but we found our way to the wrong shopping mall, and he came to find us.  After that, we checked in at a nice hotel with (thankfully) air conditioning, TV, and a hot shower, but (disappointingly) no windows – the circadian rhythm would be taking a bashing again.  JeAr left us to get a bit of sleep before the meet up at Spicy Fingers. 


When 8pm arrived, so did me and Naj at Spicy Fingers.  Funny that really; we were amongst the first to arrive, just in time for the start of happy hour….  Overtime the meet up numbers grew and we all ordered.  I met the likes of Jenneth, Lainey, Apo, Gerry, and several more for the first time, and Sarj and Jay for the umpteenth.  I did manage to have a at least a little conversation with everyone, so I was highly satisfied with the turn out and company.  It was a great introduction to Manila and indeed, a fabulous welcome to the Philippines.  I knew I’d love my time here.


By around 11pm we left to find a bar/club.  My friend I’d met in London a few times (Audrey) had by coincidence arrived in Manila as well!  She had messaged and text a few times to see if we wanted to go to a club where a big name DJ was doing a set.  I can’t remember who it was now, but I do remember being really up for it if we could get in.  As it turned out, it was (unsurprisingly) a sell out, and so instead we sourced out a few bars.  We did find a decent scene, and stayed for a few drinks before moving on.  On finding another set of bars, it was nearing closing time, and so we couldn’t get in.  It was pretty late by this point, it had already been a very long day, and we had to be up at 4am for another meet up to hike Taal Volcano.  I chose to go back to the hotel and get a tiny amount of sleep, whilst Naj and Jay went to find some internet first before coming back.


(Unfortunately all my photos of Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, the Manila meet up, and some from Taal Volcano, were lost during the travels – I’ll try and get some from other sources and get some photographs up at a later day – I was gutted when I found this out)

nolan says:
Yeah, Tiger Airways is a league away compared to their parent company Singapore Airlines.
Posted on: Dec 18, 2012
matthew says:
Tiger Airways
Posted on: Dec 18, 2012
nolan says:
Wonder what airline that was - Cebu Pacific? Philippine Airlines normally serves good food on board. Cebu Pacific sells food at 3x the prices in Manila.
Posted on: Dec 17, 2012
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