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It’s just not fair.  The three of us forced ourselves out of bed for the check out time and drowsily went to a restaurant to kill the first few hours.  The bus wasn’t leaving until 8:30pm and this was going to be a long long day.


Steph spotted Kinki and so we got a chance to say goodbye (well, for Wayne and Steph, more of a chance to arrange meeting back up; they were going to Penang), but my head was firmly attached to the table. 


After brunch, myself; Steph; and Wayne attempted to sleep on the beach without much, if indeed any, success.  Instead we found a place showing Family Guy and so bought some drinks (tea) and watched/slept through a few episodes.  This and the internet made the slow seconds tic by, and eventually it was time to get on the ferry.  We each got the tiniest sliver of space on the overnight ferry, and it’s not exactly Matthew-friendly with its low ceilings!  I couldn’t sleep – again!




5:30am – 5 fucking 30, a fucking m!  Without sleep again, I felt like sheer crap and all I had to look forward to was another long bus ride >.<  This hour should only ever exist for post-men; milk-men; paper boys; dog walkers; and drug addicts – I’m none of these and do not, under any circumstances fit into those categories (oh, sometimes rave and party goers, hmmm maybe I’ve found my niche).


I bought a pot of noodles for twice the price Steph was charged, darn my white skin!  I was getting fed up to the back teeth of being scammed because I’m Western and viewed as free money, I need to learn faster how to barter and stand my ground.  It wasn’t long though before I was dragged into a currency exchange and in my nocturnal state of mind, was again handing money over at an extortionately bad rate.  It was almost the only way they would take me to the bus!


There was quite a lot of confusion here, and I assumed Wayne and Steph were on the same bus I was getting, but there’s had gone!  Ah man!!!  On the bus alone for a long journey, ah well, at least I had an iPod to play with.  I set off for the border pretty quickly and it wasn’t a bad journey.


At the border, I was quickly across and switched to a minivan bound for Penang.  I felt every lump and bump in the road on the way and was half-tempted to get off for a bit and find somewhere to sleep.  Well, my luck turned a bit, and at Penang, I had to change again for a bigger, more comfortable bus bound for Kuala Lumpur, so I powered on through arriving at 2am in the morning.  This gave just enough time for one last rip-off.  Not knowing where I was, or how far to a hostel, I hopped in a cab with another guy and headed on over to Chinatown.  I knew it was an expensive fare, but I was just so tired, all I wanted was a bed.  I found one very quickly and flaked out.

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Surat Thani
photo by: newtampo