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I woke up, reasonably illness-free at around 10am.  Wayne got up significantly later, and at 2pm we went for the mud bath!  It was only a short taxi ride away and in the absence of a queue, we got straight down and dirty.  That was after our initial confusion of not knowing the route around the labyrinth until instructed accordingly. 


The first stop was the mineral shower.  It was quite refreshing to be soaked with hot water, and so wet and ready, we wandered over to the mud baths.  We actually had a communal bath ticket and accidently assumed we were all in the biggest tub, which was already occupied by several others.  Wayne dipped in a toe and before even attempting to jostle for space, was rejected by the bathing crowd.  It was so funny!  I was just grateful that it wasn’t me. 


We did find a free tub where all three of us could get in and it rapidly filled with the mud until it was deep enough to fully submerge.  We exfoliated for the full 15 minutes and this was an experiment into my feminine side.  Why women enjoy this kind of thing, I’ve only just begun to work out. 


We played around with the buckets, immaturely trapping air under the camouflage of the mud, and slowly released it back to the surface as strategic bubbles around the crotch area.   I’m still a big kid at heart.


We had to get back into the mineral shower to completely rinse off the mud and this took a while, but I did enjoy being back in the warm water after the luke warm temperature of the mud.


Next up was the hydrotherapy shower and we slowly walked through whilst being blasted by several jets of water from the waist down to the toe.  You don’t actually get that long in there, but you do get 45 minutes in the hot mineral water bath that follows.  This isn’t a good experience for those with sunburnt chest and legs! 


Slightly stinging, I left the water bath and went to the main pools.  You can spend as long as you like here and it’s lovely!  It’s set at 38°C and feels like having a Roman bath!  I had become a girl!  I even enjoy sitting under the equally hot artificial waterfall; it felt like a red hot shower in the sun.


We (Wayne) then found a slightly cooler pool and some Jacuzzis and so we sat in that until we got hungry.  All in all, it was a very girly, pampered day, but soooooo refreshing for all of us!  I think Lori would never have thought she’d be having a girly day with me and Wayne at any point in this trip, but there you go, surprise surprise, me and Wayno are in touch with our feminine side. 


We went out for a curry at night and ate very well, and keeping with our ‘Let’s do something’ policy, we booked onto the island hopping tour (due to begin at 8:30am) for the following day, and left off from the drinking on a temporary basis.  Knackered; burnt; full to the brim; and fully exfoliated, we had a relatively early night.  Well, sticking with our new found feminine side, we went back in time for Four Weddings and a Funeral.  I slept questioning my sexuality for the first time in my life.

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Nha Trang
photo by: rotorhead85