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LANGKAWI!!!!  I was so excited.


I was up and ready for just after 8am, but knew it wouldn’t be any time soon before Kinki got here.  She text at 9:30am saying she’d just woken up and would be a little late.  Who can blame a holiday lie in?  I busied myself with a last trip into town and got back for Kinki to pick me up with her friend, or rather her friend Nix, to take us to the ferry port.  Once over the water in Butterworth, we didn’t have a long wait for the bus to Alor Setar and pretty much got on straight away. 


Both of us were a bit tired and not paying too much attention to the road and signs, but when we were getting close to Alor Setar, I tried to concentrate on paying more attention.  The bus stopped a fair way out of town and I wasn’t sure if that was the stop or not, so we just sat back and waited for the bus to move on again.  It was then I noticed no more signs for Alor Setar in our forward direction, but did some in the reverse direction.  I turned with a rather nonchalant “Errrr Kinkers?  I think we’ve missed our stop!”  We both laughed, but luckily it wasn’t a problem.  The guy sat close to us was also going to Langkawi and he told us there was another port further up which is cheaper to get to the island from.  We were welcome to join him across from there.


We arrived in Kangar and the three of us shared a cab to the ferry port and we all caught the ferry over from there.  On arrival, myself and Kinki had chosen to stay in the main backpacker area of Pantai Cancing and went in search of a hotel from there.  We had agreed on air-conditioning and I was hopeful of a hot shower, but neither of us were fussy at all with regards to a room.  I couldn’t work out if Kin was a girly girl or a more adventurous sort.  She seems to have a found a very intermediate and is happy to slum it wherever, not moan at all about backpacks or walking; but she always dresses well and makes an effort with her hair and make up.  I liked her enthusiasm and knew she’d be good fun to spend my last few days with.


We checked out a place which the guidebook recommended, but the hotel only had a fan room available.  It was cheap, but not particular nice looking, so we shopped around a little more.  A guy, Sams, jumped up off the beach to help us.  I thought, here we go, another chap trying to get us into his hotels, and he took us around a few options.  They were either full or unsuitable and he just wouldn’t leave us to it.  It turned out he was just trying to be helpful, but his overly keen mannerisms just became annoying.  We soon gave up looking around and settled for an overpriced place on the beach front.  It did have a hot shower, air conditioning, a double bed each, and a TV, but it didn’t have a wash basin.  It would do for a night and given that we wouldn’t be lugging bags around, we could easily find somewhere more suitable for the next later. 


Kinki took Sams number so we could find out where to go for the evening, and he had said he had met a lot of tourist already and liked introducing people.  Fine by us.  He was a pleasant mannered, closet homosexual, and was friendly and enjoyed the company of travellers.  As we were walking around with him he seemed to know just about everyone on the island!


Once settled, we went in search of hotels and soon found a place with vacancies for less than half the price.  It was great, but didn’t have a hot shower.  I didn’t mind too much as the owner was lovely coy Japanese women and I didn’t really want to be looking around too much more.  I was ready for some food and drinks!


We went to a bar to be greeted by an overly enthusiastic “HELLO, WELCOME’ from all the bar staff (as was everyone who came into the bar) and ordered.  Kinki made a great spot, a lookalike of Mr Bean!  He was a solo traveller and even his mannerisms were similar to the clumsy character.  It was hilarious.  I would have invited him to join us, but I doubt I’d have had the ability to keep my mouth shut and keep a straight face.  Instead we drank a few beers and watched the football.


As we left the bar “GOODBYE, THANK YOU, COME AGAIN”.  I couldn’t help but let a shriek of laughter out.  It was a bit weird and intimidating for me, but then again, that’s how you remember places.  Do I remember anywhere without charisma?  No!  (It was called Debbie’s Bar and was an Irish Bar).


We jumped into a cab at about 11:30pm to go to Sams’s suggestion of Sunba where a live band were playing.  It wasn’t really either of our things, but there was some serious talent on show!  I had respect for the ability even if I wasn’t overly keen on what was being played.  We did stay for a few hours mingling, drinking, and playing pool and it was a decent night all in all.  I was sure we could find better/more suitable though.




I’d set my alarm pretty early (8:30am ish) so I could at least kid myself I’d do a run.  I was still on a fitness push for the football season, and seen as it had all kicked off this very weekend, I was keen to make the next weekend fixture if my touch and ability had magically materialised.  I failed miserable getting bogged down in the sand in the morning heat after drinking more heavily for the first time since Manila.  I managed to get to the top end of the beach and back (about a 15-20 minute run) which fell someway short of my planned hour.  I knew then I wouldn’t be doing that again and consequently I wouldn’t be able to play in Nottingham.  Hopefully I could still join a side in Manchester and play just for fun instead.  I have to watch the redevelopment of the beer belly a bit closer.


I came back and shower before getting a couple more hours in bed.  Kinki was still out like a light and it wasn’t until 11:30am we actually got up.


We checked out and into the new place first thing, and then went to the beach for the day.  The sand was lovely fine particles, and you could see why the island is Malaysia’s premier tourist resort, but the sweeping wind was a bit of a problem.  It was gentle, but seemed to carry plenty of sand with it, accumulating when it hit a human barrier; I was covered!  Kinki keeled first and went back to the hotel to start getting ready.  I stayed on the beach to give the girly time, but didn’t last much longer.


When we were both ready we went back out for some food and to try some new bars.  Sams had a few friends gathered for dinner, and although we didn’t join them for food, we did for the after drinks.  At first it was us pair, two guys from the UK; Jacob and Martin; Nellis and Lanaker, a couple from the Netherlands; an Italian girl; and a Malay guy, Aslam, not the lion.  More people joined over time and it turned out to be a really good night.


We found our way to one of the beach bars and I got talking to Martin.  He was forty years young and instantly likeable.  I found him witty and laid back, but also familiar.  I asked him where I had seen him before, but he didn’t recognise me.  I was sure I recognised his face though and we continued talking about our trips.  It turned out he’d been to the Philippines as well, and something clicked with me.  I actually remembered his accent and knew where I had seen him before.  It was at the airport in Singapore with Najiah.  He was the guy asking where to go and what to do! 


Another coincidence happened when an Australian girl, Kat, joined the group.  She got talking to Kinki and when she asked Kinki her name, she recognised her from TB.  Kat had been messaging Kinki about where to go and what to see in Penang!  Ah the randomness of travelling and the gift of TB (not tuberculosis – that would be an awful present).  


I really enjoyed the company and the band that were playing Bob Marley amongst other songs.  It was a much better night, but Kinki ruined it by calling me Grandpa and middle-aged, like the other buggers off TB! Hahahahaha

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photo by: Mezmerized