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Ah what a good decision it was to pay an extra 200 Bht to keep the room for a couple of extra hours (the night before).  Naj and Sarj came round about 1pm to say a temporary goodbye (they were going to Koh Samui, whilst me, Lori, Jay and Aidan were off to Chiang Mai).  A round of hugs later and it was time to leave.  Man I loved those guys already!!!


The four of us got a tuk tuk to the ferry port and met up with Ivan and Colin and sat waiting for the ferry to Surat Thani.  A random stray dog joined us and befriended us for some reason – we had no food or water, but he was happy enough with foreign company, probably because we didn’t beat him. 


The ferry docked, so we drifted over to board.  I was standing with Jay and he overheard so people talking in Tagalog and so turned for a quick chat.  Out of the blue, In English, ‘Are you JeAr?’.  It turns out with have a bit TB fame in our presence haha.  First Sarj at Same Same, now Jay at a bloody ferry port?!  Those Philippinos have some notoriety. 


We departed at 5:30pm and could have a little sleep on the 4 hour crossing.  A tuk tuk ride to the train station and we booked on to the 11:25pm sleeper train to Bangkok.  I and Lori thought we had enough time to get some food and so nipped off to find a stall.  We had to change our order to a prompt take-away and run like the clappers to the early arriving train!  We did get on and find our bays. 


The bunks were cramped, but not too uncomfortable.  It’s reasonably secure as well as all the carriages are locked preventing internal movement and people boarding opportunistically.  The only problems really are the lack of water to wash, brush teeth etc, and the hole emptying on the tracks as the toilet.  Not the most hygienic, but it’s fine for one night.  It’s a bumpy ride, particularly when the train grinds to a noisy halt at the stations, but a medically-induced sleep can help solve that problem.

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Surat Thani
photo by: newtampo