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Today I moved in with Wayne and Steph, so we could split the costs.  It made it incredibly cheap to stay at their hotel, but I would miss the niceties of the room I shared with Lori. 


For the day, we went to the beach and pigged out on lobster, bought yet more bracelets (I’m a total sucker), and we passed time waiting for the Champions League final to kick off.  Wayne’s team (Man Utd) were playing Barcelona, and there was no way we could miss that.  We went to Chiva’s Bar (where they had a big screen and most people were going) and watched Man Utd (in fairness) get totally outclassed by a superior Barcelona side, with the latter winning 2-0.  I felt really sorry for Wayne, who was understandably pissed off and downbeat, and we called it an early night.  It was quite a decent walk back across the beach, but no-one was really up for staying out after that.




So by now we’d been in Sihanoukville longer than initially planned.  We were due to meet Kinki (another TBer) in Siem Reap, but football had changed all that.  We had agreed to stay for both cup finals (the Champions League for Wayne and the FA Cup for me) as we knew they would be shown here and the atmosphere was good.  We weren’t in any great hurry to leave, and let Kinki know we’d catch up with her later at the Full Moon Party in Thailand.


The day was just rubbish.  Wayne was still unhappy, and I suppose the rain was fitting.  We all decided to have a night completely devoid of alcohol and see how we felt the next day.




Yay!!!  It was a great day.  I was so up for the beach and it seemed like there was a lot going on in terms of parties for the evening.  The FA Cup final (featuring Everton!) was due to be played the following evening, so I was up for a night out to out any pre-match nerves on hold for a while.


We drank the ridiculously cheap happy hour beers on the beach front and I saw some people I’d previously made friends with (Rhys, Shaun, Mick and Sarah) and so went out with them, leaving Steph and Wayne to have some time to themselves.  In truth, I chronically fancied the arse off Sarah, but she was Rhys’s girlfriend and he was a very nice chap.  I think when drunk I told him ‘You’re a very, very lucky boy Rhys’ which I’m sure he would have taken as a complement and easily laughed off. 


We went back to Chivas and there was a dance off competition going on.  Fortunately we had arrived a bit too late to enter, but as everyone was taking it far too seriously, I threatened to do the Ricky Gervais off the Office.  I reckon that would have been a winner!  Ah well.

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