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I woke up at 11:30am thinking it was about 6:30am – darn having no windows (or brain), but I was pleased that I’d had a really good nights sleep. 


We decided to have a look around Ha Noi and see a few of the sights and museums.  We had a choice to make between the National Museum, the Revolutionary Museum, or the Army Museum; we chose the Army Museum as it was closer to the landmarks we really wanted to see. 


It was a good twenty minute walk, and when we did get there, it was closed!  This is the norm for a Friday >.<  Ah man!!  Instead we grabbed a coffee and checked out the planes, tanks, and helicopters outside the building.  Once again, the plaques were very anti-American, and I guess they won, so fair enough, to refer to their own as ‘heroes’.


Right beside the museum is the Ha Noi Flag Tower and amazingly, it was just me and Lori there; not bad for an Independence holiday!  The short walk to the Heroes Memorial proved to be the same.  It was looking like people prefer to celebrate by taking a break to more relaxing places.  I know I would! 


From the monument, you can stare straight down Bac Son at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.  He wanted to be cremated, but completely lucked out, and instead his body is preserved and kept here for people to ogle at.  The price of a heroic status and fame?  The only hours where you can view the body are between 8am and 11am; and let’s be honest, given our current form, that was never going to happen.  There actually were many more Vietnamese tourists here taking photos, and I guess that’s more like what I expected.


It was getting on a bit, and Colin and Ivan were due back into Ha Noi (from Halong Bay), and Wayne and Steph had arrived somewhere as well.  We were looking forward to a slightly reformed group, and not looking forward to the future chaffing!  We swung by the Ha Noi backpackers hostel to go meet up with Stephen and Alex and check they were still on for later. They were >.< we agreed to meet at 9:30pm at Le Pub, and so this should give us plenty of time to wash, change, eat, and meet Colin and Ivan. 


It turned out the Colin and Ivan were staying just around the corner from us, and so meeting them was easy.  They came to meet us in the reception only to be sent straight back to their room.  Rules are rules, and agreement had already been made without their knowledge; it’s commando night, and if Lori can do it, so can they!


We took Ivan and Colin to Le Pub and me and Lori went in search of Wayne and Steph.  There was some kind of puppet performance going on and so a huge crowd had gathered.

  Since phones were either not working or switched off, meeting up was impossible.  After about 15 minutes of searching, we gave up and went to Le Pub.


Alex and Stephen turned up in their kilts, brave lads, and pulled out the St Andrew’s cross for me to don.  I’d become a novelty Scott’s man, complete without cecks!


Tiep got the Jager trains on the go again (twice actually), and we all got pretty drunk.  At closing time, we all went to the Red Lounge and smoked some sheesha.  It was an absolute cracking night, but the kilts got no way near the attention they deserved.  The lads were going to take them to the FMP coming up in the next few days and so were bound to get a bombardment of attention then anyway. 


We wished the lads from Inverness well and said our goodbyes.  They’re off to Aus pretty soon, so who knows, maybe we’ll meet again for another round of that!  We’re in touch, so we’ll see.  It was to be a goodbye to Colin and Ivan again as well, so that just left me and the Camerican again.


We got back at 4am and set the alarm for 6:30am for the Halong Bay trip.  It would be a psychological sleep, but nothing more than that.

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photo by: mario26