Come on Lori - We'll Go to the Beach Party Again, You'll Love it!

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At 6am we piled in, heavily drunk and that left Lori as the only one fresh for the day.  She went out for the day whilst we slept in.  We actually didn’t show any sign of life until well in the afternoon, but finally got up for some food and a short walk around the Old Town before going to find somewhere to play some pool and get ready for the Manchester derby which was being televised later.  This meant the pub; this meant trouble, especially when we discovered Bia Hoi (local beer) for just 4,000 Dong (that’s about 16 pence!), and the 2-4-1 offer on drinks at Stop and Go Bar!


Man Utd won 2-0 pretty convincingly, and after the game, William and Lydia joined us again for some fuse ball and pool.  It soon came round to closing time, but today was a Sunday, no-way would there be another party, would there?


In the van up to the pool party for a second night running we got talking to a couple of American girls (Meghan and Daniela) and they seemed nice girls.  Actually, I think it’s fair to say Meghan took a bit of a shine to me, but I was still having my issues about what was back in Manchester.  I basically got drunk, splashed around in the pool and just had a bit of fun.  I must admit leaving the pool was tough; not because I had Meghan half wrapped around me, but because I was only wearing white boxer shorts!  Not cool and the water clung close leaving them almost transparent when I got out the pool!  You’d be forgiven in thinking I’d be embarrassed leaving so little to the imagination, but I was drunk again and probably cared for to little than would otherwise be the case. 


I went straight for my shorts, but some guy who couldn’t find his own beat me to it!  He was considering stealing them, the bastard, until Lori piped up ‘You leave those shorts alone!  Once again she’d proven her worth, this time for everyone’s sake!


I trundled off alone that night and was the first back.  I was in need of sleep.  Lori wasn’t far behind, but I have no recollection of Wayne getting back; I passed out.

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