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Half-asleep I dragged my self to the changing of the guard, one of London’s most sought after tourist attractions, despite its frequency.  I say half-asleep, not beacuse the hour was ridiculous, on the contrary, it was arounds 9am when I left, no, I refer more to the severe lack of sleep thanks to screaming little shits in the hostel.  If you’re over the age of say 20, you’re pushing it!  It’s basically a place for teens to spend some time in London, away from parents, and experience alcohol and the associated roudy behaviour.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a moaning old man from the dark ages, and I certainly (don’t) remember my teen years as much the same, but that’s not to say I wasn’t a cock back then, and they are not a bunch of cocks now – they are! 


Anyway, back to day.... where was I?  Ah yeah, the changing of the guard.  I got there around an hour before it all kicked off and I was astonished at the amount of people already there, baiting for a better view!  Thankfully I’m tall, so as long as I’m pretty central, I didn’t care too much.  In fairness, if I had arrived much later, there’s no way I would have got anywhere near the gates.  Advice to anyone planning on going, you can turn up at the start time, but if you want to actually see what’s happening, as opposed to just listening, go earlier, a lot ealrier!


One of my all time favourite films is A Bridge too Far with its all-star cast.  If anyone has seen (and remembers) it, you may recall the soundtrack, or almost lack of.  There is one victory tune played and it is n anthem for British troops still today, and yep, the band played that a lot!  Needless to asay, I was delighted.  In fact, the only slight, knit-picky disappointment with the band was they didn’t/don’t play It’s a Long Way to Tiparrey.  It was an excellent way to spend a couple of hours though and fully recommended.


The rest of my day was spent doing a solo walking tour of the city.  St Jame’s Park, Downing Street, West Minster Abbey, Big Ben, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, the Towers of London, and of course Trafalgar Square, Picadilly Circus and Leicester Square.  I’m quite happy to be a tourist for a change.


Lori came along and checked in to the hostel, so I made my way back to meet her.  It’s our last night in the UK for a while (and a very long while for Lori), so we settle on finding some English food for tea.  There’s a nice pub pretty close by and it was actually reasonably close to where Lori used to work, so that was what we chose.  A couple of real ales and some food and I chose to go back, leaving Lori to go to her old work for final farewells and drinks.  I didn’t want to be the third party that you feel you need to oblige, and also I wanted to make one last long phone call.

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photo by: ulysses