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It was a Sunday and so the breakfast starts an hour later than the rest of the week (8am), and although we woke for what we believed was 7am, we went back to bed thinking it’s too early for breakfast.  What a mistake that was!  The daylight savings meant the clocks had gone forward and we had slept in past the time we were supposed to board the train!  Being the organised pair that we are, Lori had pre-booked train tickets to save money (29 Euros each to Heidelburg).  As we’d missed that, it cost us an additional 63 Euros each for the new tickets >.<  But by pure chance, a guy in our hostel had an open return ticket which he didn’t need.  We paid him 35 Euros for that and bought just the one ticket.  Problem (expensively) solved.  To our huge annoyance, the train was delayed!  If only the previous one had had the same bad luck, we would have been flukily fine.  Ah man!!!


A beautiful three hour train journey to Heidelburg calmed everything down and we arrived in time to have a look around in the daylight.  Such a beautiful city, one of a very few that avoided bombing during the war.  Every building is decorated with figures and pretty signs and the colours are just gorgeous.  It’s such a refreshing change from the boring grey of the UK. 


We’d made a decision to skip Mannheim off and spend an extra day in Heidelburg.  It seemed to be a more sensible idea to catch up on some sleep and take in the city a bit more fully.  The only problem with this was the hostel was boring and there is only the one hostel in the whole city!  There’s simply nothing to do!  No common room, no kitchen, nothing!  Instead my book and iPod came in handy.
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photo by: findmeabeach