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Gah, the flippin' rooster again!  4am in the bloody morning and the rascal is right outside my window.  Angrily I made a pledge to myself to order chicken for tea.  Again using a pillow for ear muffs, I fell asleep until my 7am alarm went off.  That gave me enough time to shower and go and get some breakfast before meeting up with the guys. 


We set off and you could instantly see what the guide books pointed out about only sturdy vehicles being able to get beyond the junction.  Our tricycle couldn’t stand the weight of three passengers, and so we had to trek the last 3km to the saddle on foot.  My arms and legs were so numb from the back seat, that I was pretty pleased with this outcome.  The walk up was almost totally shaded by the hillside as well which made it pretty straight forward, and given that the day was totally clear, we could take in great views of the valley.


From the saddle you can see the tiny village of Batad surrounded by its characteristic amphitheatre of rice terraces.  It’s so pretty I could have just stopped with a jaw-dropping stare for hours on end.  It’s an absolute exquisite view which I doubt photographs will do justice to. 


The hike down to Batad wasn’t difficult or long, but we did take plenty of time to take an abundance of photos.  It took us an hour or so in total, and then it was another hour or so to Tappiya Waterfall.  It was so hot by this point, and so I went skins and subsequently burnt my shoulders.  This just made me even more determined to get to the fall though, and on arrival, I was straight it, witnessing the waters evaporation in the process of me submerging.


It’s another massive waterfall with awesome power.  I would say it was roughly the same height as Bamod, but it certainly pours out more water and with a greater force.  The splash pool at its base is very deep and is perfect for a swim and play in the created waves.  On wading in, I could feel the strength of the downhill current.


Myself, Josh and Jen were all in the water, but it wasn’t long before some more British travellers arrived and joined us (Phil, Jesse, and Alley).  They were a nice bunch of lads and we all got on well.  They were just visiting the Philippines for a holiday and not so much of a longer travel.  I think they made a very good decision to see the North of the country. 


Once refreshed, we took the hot and sweaty hike back up to the saddle and then downhill back to the junction.  My legs and ankles got a good oiling off the back of the tricycle, but we were on our way back to Banaue.  It wasn’t long though before the tricycle was struggling and myself and Josh had to get out and push.  The roads really are that tough. 


Once back in Banaue, washed and changed, I met up with Jen and Josh for some dinner.

  We were catching a bus at 8pm and so wanted a few drinks to help with sleeping.  It was this night I discovered Colt 45 a beer even stronger than the Red Horse!  I quite liked it though, and seen as I hadn’t drank any alcohol since Boracay, I was a bit tipsy without even trying.  I bought a few more drinks for the bus and a small bottle of the narcotic Tanduay Rum and I was set.


The British lads were on our bus as well, so we all sat together playing cards, drinking and joking around.  A few hours passed easily and I was ready to attempt some sleep despite the roads.

mightor20 says:
nice that you enjoyed Batad! enjoyed it as well. :)
Posted on: May 24, 2010
RJ82 says:
wow youve been to more of the philippines that i have! amazing place!
Posted on: Nov 02, 2009
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