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We had a nice sleep in this morning.  No fantasies about going running etc and when we were ready it was back to the beach.  We had briefly toyed with the idea of island hopping for the day the previous night, but given the early start, it was never going to happen.  It would have been nice to feed the eagles and go snorkelling, but sleep was more important for us.  We went in search of some sun beds so as to avoid the sweeping sands again and both succeeded in getting a little bit burnt. 


I asked around to find out about other scenes in Langkawi and there was a lot of talk about Babylon Mat Lounge as it hosts a beach barbeque and live music.

  That sounded appealing, so later that evening we went.  Mr Bean was there and that cracked us up!  He was in company this time and I didn’t to talk to him and find out he was a normal everyday guy.  No no, I was more content with the image and personality I had thought up for him. 


The bar is really funky with beach mats strewn across the stand.  We enjoyed a few drinks and listening to another reggae band play.  We were joined by a few people as well, but after a couple of hours we needed a new scene.  We went back up the beach to see what was going on and ended up at the same bar as the night before.  The crowd was much the same and e bumped into Nellis and Lanaker.  We drank quite a bit and when Kat text Kinki, we went to find them at their hotel. A lot of people were there hanging out on the balconies, so it was quite a good scene.

  Myself and Nellis went off to buy some drinks for everyone, and I was happy enough to have one last big drunken session in Asia.  As I swaged down a can, I promised myself another big detox when I got back to the UK, pre-V Festival. 


It was 3am when we staggered back, and I learnt that when I’m drunk, my speech doesn’t just become slurred, it becomes inconsistent.  Apparently I take huge pauses between words…. Well, that’s not good, but at least I’m coherent, I think.




A final late start before we got up to meet Nellis and Lanaker for breakfast.  Martin, Jacob, and the Italian girl were there as well, so we all got to say our goodbyes and exchange contact details.

  These were the people that had made Langkawi that little bit more special and memorable, so I hoped to keep in touch.  I can’t think of a better way to have ended such a long trip than to do nothing, but be so content in the company.  I really was sure now that I wasn’t ready to get back to the 9-5 way of life.


We had to leave, but missed the 2pm Penang bound ferry, so instead caught a ferry to Alor Setar.  Post holiday blues were already kicking in for both of us, but I decided it would be better for me to stay one more night in Penang than get to Kuala Lumpur all in one go.  Nix picked us up again at the ferry port and we all went to the quite touristy Red Garden for some Chinese food.  Following that it was time for me to check in.  I picked a hotel and Nix dropped me off.  I felt sad saying goodbye to Kinki, but promised to keep in touch and I think she’ll come to India with the group later next year, so I was sure I’d be seeing her again someday.  I gave her a big hug and thanked her for all she had done. 

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