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Another 7am start >.<  I’m supposed to be on holiday!  Truth be told, without drinking the previous night and a decent sleep, it wasn’t a problem for me. 

The speedboat ride last time was just not funny.  I still remember all the bruising inflicted on me from that machine!  This time though, it was ten-fold smoother.  I guess as last time wasn’t too long post-tsunami, that the sea was inevitably choppy.  I was happy with the smoother motion and we reached Maya Bay gratefully pain-free.  This was where the positive comparison to the last visit ended though.  The beach was simply overloaded making photo opportunities pretty scarce to non-existent.  In fact, I gave up seeking the ideal photo and decided to be grateful with the previous ones.  It’s always going to be axiomatic for traveller to want to have ideal photos of where they have been and what they have seen, so I’m sure this was more of a disappointment for Lori and Aidan than me, we’ll just have to get over that.


I did the same walk through the island and reached the opening where the film superimposed a waterfall on the rock face for the jumping in scene in the movie.  This time I climbed over the rocks and into the water so I could come back through the cave passage.  That was fun. 


The boat then called us all in, supposed after thirty minutes, but it definitely didn’t feel like we’d be on the island that long.  Anyway, onto the next stop, Phi Phi Don.  We took a loop around Phi Phi Lai and the guide pointed out a fresh new cliff face.  This was one point where the tsunami had left destructive evidence of its force and it leaves little wonder as to how damaged the islands got during the unfortunate time.  Another consequence of the tsunami was that little coral reef had also been left, meaning there was little point snorkelling there.  Instead we continued to the sheltered side of the island where the coral was protected by the land mass.  I was straight in!!  I absolutely love snorkelling and so with little messing around, my face was tucked beneath the waters surface.  Lori had brilliantly bought an underwater camera for such occasions, experience you see!  She didn’t like the sensation of being face down in water and so passed me the camera to get some photos.

  Well that was a mistake.  I was away with the fairies and burnt a whole film on fish hahaha.  It was only after, I found out she wanted some photos of us playing around as well.  That’s me for you though, very, very scatty sometimes and in need of telling the obvious.


After our splash around, the boat took us to the Monkey beach and this time we were allowed onto it.  There was a lot of monkeys there enjoying being fed fruit treats from the endless supply of tourists (of course this included us).  We stayed there for a good twenty minutes before moving on again for some lunch at Khai Island (we didn’t go to the main beach on Phi Phi Don as clouds were forming a rain would follow).  We were to have two hours here, sun bathing, snorkelling, or whatever you wanted to do, but unfortunately the clouds had followed us and hid the sun.  After lunch we still went on the beach for a bit of a rest.  I fancied a bit more snorkelling and so headed over to the rocks.  Arrggghhhh, what a mistake!  I found myself in pretty shallow waters surrounded by urchins, the spiked ones at that!  A little panicked, I floated as carefully as possible to small, rare patches of submerged sand and edged closer and closer to the main rock bulks.  I was happy to exit the water and climb up the rocks despite the sharpness on the feet.  Painfully, I got back to the beach and the others and quit snorkelling for the day. 


Lori wasn’t too thrilled with the day overall and I think that was fair.  It’s very hyped up as something special, but when you get there, the overcrowding can’t do anything other than disappoint.  In such a limited area, unlike Phang Nga Bay, a stricter visitor limit would be more suitable, but I guess money talks.  Personally, I’d be happy to raise the price (even though it is already £26) and reduce the numbers for the feeling of discovery and isolation.  I doubt that will ever happen given its popularity (not the price rises though). 


As it was our last night in Phuket, we decided to have a few drinks.  I found a bar which I’d been to before and got drunk in with my friends from home.  Back then, one of them was so hammered and intrigued by the bell dangling above the bar he rang it!  This carried a price tag and the rule is to by everyone a shot.  It was sign posted and rules are rules; shots all round!  I warned Lori and Aidan not to touch it haha.  We sat with a couple of Aussie and a very drunk Brit, but didn’t stay out too late by our standards.

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A freshly exposed cliff face after…
A freshly exposed cliff face afte…