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I needed a good rest after the obstacle course and so met up with the guys in the early afternoon for round two of water fighting.  This time revenge was the order of the day.  At just 15 Bht, I could buy a bucket and soak everyone who dribbled on me with their poxy water guns.  This weapon of choice is a good idea in the main except when you come to filling it up from the river.  It is attached to a piece of string which you cast into the water and scoop.  Sometimes, it’s not out of the ordinary to throw it with a bit too much rigour and it inevitably ends up in the drink.  In you get, with an onomatopoetic SPLASH and a round of laughter. 


The streets were completely flooded and the jovial atmosphere was much the same as the previous day.  I did get a bit tired quickly though and after some food, I started feeling a bit ropey.  Jay wasn’t up to form either and so, a bit prematurely, we called time on the fighting.  Myself and Lori attempted to walk back, but soon got lost.  A lot of directions later, and we were back on track. 


Later on I felt a bit more normal, and Mike from the FMP had got in touch saying he wanted to get out of Bangkok and away from the protests and join us in Chiang Mai.  We all agreed to meet at 9pm and so now we had a group of around ten strong off TB travelling together. 


With enough water fighting for now, Ivan suggested going for some trekking the next day.  We all agreed on this and the subject changed to Vietnam and what you could do there i.e. throw grenades, fire an AK47, and even a bazooka.  This was totally to one evil Canadian witch’s delight, and even more so when she found out you can use a live cow as a target!  Correct me if I wrong Madame, but.... “I want to bazooka a cow” silenced the crowd with utter disbelief!  On that note, we chose to re-talk about the trek.


After the realisation of Lori’s hidden nature, we left the restaurant for a walk up the market street to get some ice cream.  We came across an American conjurer setting up his stall right beside the ice cream fridge.  He started talking to Alvin I think (Alvin had rejoined the group as well) and started performing his tricks.  Well I just love this kind of thing and my jaw dropped at this guys ability to deceive the eye.  The greatest trick he performed (in my opinion) was to get a person to select a card at random and place it back in the pack.  Somehow, that card was the only one with a red backing!  He removed it and put it on the table and got another person to select a new card at random.  You know where this is going, but....  the card was placed back into the deck, but this time no card appeared with a red backing.  Guess what?  One card already has a red backing, and it just so happened to be the new one selected!  How the ell he did it, I’ll never know, but it was brilliant. 


He then continued with a coin trick, but his finale was my turn to be the helping hand.  He asked the crowd about who believes in magic and I relied saying I do and I’m in total awe of his ability to perform it, so that kiss arse comment got me selected.  I had to pick out a card at random, show everyone, and place it back in the deck.  With the palm of my hand, against his, the deck held firmly in the other hand, my card rose above the rest!  The man is a genius!!!  If anyone has any idea of how these tricks are done, please keep it within the magic circle.  I never want to know; the illusion fascinates me.

lovely_lori88 says:
whatever it would be sweet! lol
Posted on: Oct 19, 2009
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Chiang Mai
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