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I took an early morning cab to the airport and Michael Jackson tributes were all over the radio again.  Well at least ‘Earth Song’ and ‘You are not Alone’ are working to knock Lady Gaga out of my head after the infection from the Philippines.  Thankfully I had got a fully charged iPod, which I had to go back to the hostel for, after checking out (back to my scatty nature again), on me to drown out the repetition. 


I checked in fine and found the departure lounge and waited.  The darn plane was delayed as it had been held up in Cebu, so my waiting time was extended, and then extended again.  I was reading Airframe by Michael Crichton and with a two hour delay to think a bit too much about possibilities, I got onboard checking the slats for deployment like a professional, or a nervous wreck.  The tiniest little bounce on the runway set my stomach going and with Mere Kat like reactions, my head spun to look out the window.  I vowed never to let Crichton influence me again, but that was only after I was checking for dinosaurs on the runway.


From KLIA I took the LRT and found my way to Puduraya Bus Station and just missed the 7pm bus to Melaka by a few minutes.  Luckily there was an 8pm bus which I was able to book on and I arrived at just gone 10pm.  From the bus station I shared a cab with a Korean guy from Seoul, Beng, who was looking for a place to stay as well.  I’d found a decent sounding one in the Lonely Planet, so we headed over there.

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