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Aaaarrrrgggghhhh – the darn alarm went off soooooo early!  Too much noise, not enough sleep; granted I did snooze for quite a while, but I still had to get up before my body wanted to.  I was up for the Halong Bay tour though.


8am at the booking office, and we were on our way.  It was a three and a half hour bus journey, but needless to say, I passed out.  We boarded the Junk (boat) and without much of a delay, set off into the bay area.


We sat randomly at a table and had a tasty sea food lunch, met a few of the passengers, and then docked at the Amazing Cave – the biggest in the Bay.  We were actually taking ages in the room and the boat left out of the port with us still on board!  A few comments questioning what was going on in the room were our label after that, but we quickly rejoined the group, if nothing else, slightly embarrassed. 


We walked to the lower area of the cave and it looked big and brightly lit with various colours of light.  It was certainly pretty and impressive, but that was just the start!  We casually strolled through a small opening into an even bigger room; this cave was humungous!  It’s easily the biggest I’ve ever been in, and it wouldn’t surprise me if this was one of the biggest above water caves in the world. 


As we walked along, the guide pointed out various rock formation resemblances such as a crocodile, a man and women together, the naturally red rock etc etc etc.  Somehow though, Lori had slipped further back.  Taking photos I guess, but by the time I got to the top of the stairs, I waited, and waited... and waited.  Now normally this wouldn’t bother me in the slightest, but I really, really didn’t want to be the bottle neck again haha.  We weren’t, and made it onto the boat with a bit of time to spare.


The boat pulled away and anchored for a while before making its way over to the beach on the next island.  We got off, but instead of taking to the beach, we went for the walk up the stairs to the highest point for a look at the views.  This would have been really good, but it wasn’t the best of day and cloud cover restricted what we could see.  Shame really, so instead we went back down to the beach and I went for a little swim before getting back, sodden, on the boat for tea.


It had to be a reasonably early night for us after that start, but this wasn’t a problem as there wasn’t a great deal going on anyway.  A little bit of a read and an early night was fine by me.

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Halong Bay
photo by: miggitymax