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I checked out and left Georgetown with happy memories.  I caught the ferry bound for Butterworth and immediately a bus to Kuala Lumpur.  I was pleased I’d get to the capital with a little bit of time for a final look around.  I got there early in the evening and found somewhere to stay pretty quickly now with my experience of Kuala Lumpur.  I dropped off the bags and made my way to Merdeka Square to get those last few photos of the English and Islamic influenced buildings.  I saw the Old Train Station, the National Railway Office, and the National Mosque.  That place has an interesting spire with thirteen sides I think.  Five representing the five pillars of Islam, and eight representing the states of Malaysia (if I am not mistaken).


I then found a little Indian restaurant for my last roti canai (for now), and quick realised how much I’d miss all the Malaysian foods.  The fruits; the Chinese soups and noodles; the Inidan curries and various rotis; the laksa, well not the laksa; nasi lamak; kaew taoy soup, oh I could go on, but I’m foaming at the mouth.  I need to find a good few cook books when I get back.  I have anew found love for Milo as well.  I’m sure I can find that somewhere in the UK, but I need a bucket load!


I walked back towards Pedaling Street to have one last shop around the market, but given that the tourists had all arrived after KL being so quite on the previous visits, I now needed bartering skill.  Luckily I knew the previous prices, so I had a good helping-hand on the front.  Only experience removed that handicap and I wouldn’t make the same mistakes twice.  I’m still not very cut-throat or dynamic, so I doubt I’ll ever find bottom prices, but I’m happy enough with what I consider a bargain.



I couldn’t quite work out why all the tourists had suddenly piled in though.  It was summer in the UK, so why do we all leave when the weather is good?  I understand people with children and students get the summers as holidays, but these people weren’t all in that category.  I made a pledge not to take summer holidays in future.  Instead I’ll enjoy the weather in the UK and save my holiday allowances to escape to warmer climates when the weather turns.  I think that would suit my future better. 


I was due to be leaving at 6am, so I had to have an early night.  I was gutted that all I had left to look forward to in the shortest of term what a long-haul flight.




Ah man!!!  That’s it - the day has arrived.




I caught a taxi to KL Sentral and then a shuttle bus to the airport.  Checking in was no bother at all, and the plane was not delayed.  I took my seat in an absolute strop and perved on the very attractive stewardesses to pass the waiting time.  This trip had certainly rekindled my attraction to Asian women. 


A turbulent take off was neutralised by one of the best landings I’ve ever witnessed and I was back in Stanstead before I knew it.  I made my way over to Barnet where I could see some friends and pretty much crashed out after a Pizza Hut dinner.  It was only 10pm with the time difference giving me an extra seven hours.


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Bye Bye Asia
Bye Bye Asia