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my son receiving his graduation certificate

I know this blog is not at all travel related but seeing as my son is often featured in my blogs I thought I would write about his graduation from his day care center.

My son has been going here since his days of crawling, wearing a diaper and drinking fertilized milk, for five years of his life from Monday to Friday he would enter the sacred grounds of his beloved day care center to learn, play and most of all to become a boy, but this no more as of yesterday he had to say farewell, as it was time for him to graduate from April it will be his first year of Elementary School.

Every morning I had the pleasure to walk with him to the day care, a time for great father and son bonding. He was always welcomed by his teacher and greeted with a' good morning' he was supposed to bow and say good morning back but not once did he ever do it.

He used to just shrug his head and march in without saying anything.

Yesterday we all assembled into the hall, the children were seated. The principal called O'Brien Rei, he marched up towards the pedestal, held out his hands and received his graduation certificate, he put it under one arm and lowered his head to bow before standing up and marching back to his seat.

Only 12 children graduated but over the 5 or 6 years they have made great friends. Today they go there seperate ways, will they be friends at school, will they play with each other in the future. Some children cried I asked my son why he didn't and he replied"my memories are in my head which I won't forget". Only time will tell if these memories last forever or over time will they vanish away but one thing I know my son is not a baby, not a toddler but a boy.

Andy99 says:
Congratulations to Rei (and Dad and Mom)! Best wishes as he begins his school days!
Posted on: Mar 19, 2009
Aquedita says:
How cute are all the kids in their uniforms :)
I know Rei will do great in school, he's a smart boy!
Posted on: Mar 19, 2009
vances says:
Cherish the moments when they are young, Chris. Our 25-year old just moved back in...with his wife! He's not quite as cute as when he was 5, lol.

Posted on: Mar 19, 2009
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my son receiving his graduation ce…
my son receiving his graduation c…
graduation class
graduation class
boys will be boys
boys will be boys
rei and riki
rei and riki
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