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I arrived in Singapore after 8pm last night. Called "Sleepy Sam's" to make sure they had a bed in the female only quarter available. They did. I used the internet to get directions- It's free at the airport. So were local calls.

Went to bed around 11:30 Singapore time, 9:30 Nepal time. It's so humid here. I still have my cough and hacking. It's hard to breathe at times because of the heat. My clothes are sticking to me. The music is fun and upbeat here. The girls talk like J who used work with me in the US- she was from Singapore.

Breakfast was toast with butter and jam, fresh fruit including oranges and this fuscia rind with a white jelly and black seeded fruit. Their coffee is pretty much espresso. I had to add milk and 3 sugar cubes and it still tastes dark. It's almost 10am.

I sent some time online this morning. Going to look in my guide book and decide where to go today. Everyone here (at the hostel) speaks English. I think mostly Europeans and Aussies- no north American accents.


11am: There's a dance version of "Yes We Can" with Obama speaking on the radio here.


12:30am: Walked around Quan Yin Temple and Fortune Teller's area. Didn't see much there. Walked towards Little India and took some pictures. Sort of colorful, but it all looks the same. I bought ice cream so far and a cold bottle of tea. I can't get cool here. I've passed two hostels so far. This place is actually quite boring. It reminds me of walking around back home in the US, in Portland.

It's like walking around the Pearl District or NW 23rd with a whole lot less character.


I stopped at an Indian restaurant for a lunch buffet. No naan or chicken tikka masala. 63 Dunlop St across from the Fragrance backpackers hostel. The mango lassi was the best part- finally made Punjabi style. So different and so much better than teh Nepali lassi. The spiciness of the food is very lightly giving me that mild high feeling that i so love. I think I need AC- my head is still stuffed up and now I feel like I could sleep. Eating heavy food wasn't the greatest of ideas. The lamb I had for lunch was Australian- it's so different from the lamb I raise back home. I feel weird eating it.


I just spoke to teh owner of the restaurant. He told me how to make lassi and how to make yogurt from scratch.

He said all of their food is yogurt based.


It was too hot to walk around. I didn't make it to the monastery or Hindu temple. I came back and went to sleep in the AC. When I woke up I watched pirated copies of "That 70's Show". I walked around and looked for a jusic or dvd store but didn't find one. I ended up at a cafe that served pad thai and iced tea. Yum. Still I barely ate. I stayed there is the AC for a while and wrote postcards.

If constipation was a problem in Nepal- uncontrollable run as fast as you can to the bathroom diarhea is my problem in Singapore. I would rather be cold than hot and miserable like I am here. At least when you're cold you can build a fire or cuddle. But when you're hot I don't want to be near anyone. When you're constipated you can rub your stomach- but at least you don't have to race for a bathroom. I wish I had more enlightening things to say or write about. I miss my Nepali friends. All we did was sit around anf talk and that's what they did there every night. At least they had a sense of community. Even in the shops, cafes or streets, people were always together chatting or sharing tea.


Nepal taught me to create boundaries and I plan to recreate those when i get home. Be honest- with everyone including myself. Be present. I feel like we're living in the future. It might be time to start fresh. Start doing something creative and feel joy again.

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photo by: easyjobrob